The Dell XPS 15-L502X laptop was manufactured by Dell Inc. It was released in 2011 with a 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

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How do I open this stripped screw in my laptop?

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So, the screw the guy in the picture is unscrewing is in a hole and releases the CD tray. Now, that is stripped in my laptop. The laptop is 5 years old and has serious overheating problems. I think it needs to be cleaned and the heat sink paste needs to be changed but I can't get to the inside without opening this screw. I have tried sticking aflat screw keywith 2-3 kinds of adhesive like superglue and leave it for 10-12 hours. It sticks firmly, but as soon as I try to turn it, it comes off. I also took the laptop to 7-8 repair shops but all of them were unable to do it. Can it be removed?

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@chanadler this will totally depend on what the srewhead looks like right now. Sometimes a larger size screwdriver will have a bit more bite on it. If that does not work, I'd drill it out. Use a hand drill (not a powered one since it could pull in to deep) and a bit as large as the screwhead. This will ultimately take the head off but leave the threaded part of the screw in. Once you remove the case, use a pair of vice grip like pliers or a good pair of hemostats and remove the rest of the screw.

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@oldturkey03 The problem is that the screw is in a hole. Things like the vice grips wont reach it


That is correct, that is why I would use a had powered drill to remove the screw head. Remove the rest of the screw after you removed the case.


@oldturkey03 hmm. It's not possible as the case won't come off. The screw holds the CD tray. Without removing the CD tray, it can't be opened further


The only way I can see you getting it out is by drilling it out. Looks like the screw is a 2mm screw so use a bit that size and give it a try. There really is not other way, unless you get a screwdiver that is big enough to get some bite on the stripped screw head


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@chanadler I was having the exact same problem today and I thought I was done for. However I was able to successfully get the screw out using needle nose pliers and a small flat head screwdriver.

Essentially I used the needle nose pliers to rip out the thin plastic which surrounds the screw hole.

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My original intention was to use the pliers to get a hold on the screw, but that quickly proved to be impossible. Then as a last ditch attempt, I used the small screwdriver as a lever to get purchase on the now exposed side of the screw.

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If the gif above doesn't play you can see it my very shoddy but effective attempt here:

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