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Lock Icon when Option button is ppressed at StartUp

Having troubles trying to reload an iBook G4 12" 1.33Ghz 512Mb 40GbHDD DVD/CDRW. When option button is pressed during the startup, a blue screen comes up with a lock icon, a progress bar, and a right arrow button. Also during normal startup, instead of the normal apple logo, its a flashing square icon with a globe of the earth, then it goes to the regular folder icon and mac logo (the one that indicates there is no operating system) and pressing C at startup doesn't work either. Anyone ever had this problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

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I was afraid of that. Holding down C key doesn't work, neither does starting it up in target mode via firewire. I may have to pull hdd physically and connect to another mac to wipe drive. By the way, I didn't do this, a customer did this to their machine. I have to fix it.

by Stanley Smith

I just want to say, "Thanks for looking out for the rest of us, when we have a question". I was able to fix the problem (firmware password) and it turns out the solution was rj713's comment and the link he provided in regards to the mac mini. (http://www.macworld.com/article/145418/2...) All I did was add memory to the machine, then turned it on, during apple sound I held down command-option-p-r to reset the PRAM and voila, no more problem. Again thanks to everyone.

by Stanley Smith

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You have locked the firmware (Master) Password. This can be turned off in System preferences but you will need to remember the password. You may also have activated it by turning on File Vault.

Use your original system installation disk and start up holding the "C" key down. If this fails, start it up in Target mode via firewire cable with another Mac and use Disk Utility and wipe the hard drive. Then start over with the system disk and install a new system. Please stay away from the master password.

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The master password can be a real nasty bug. Before you pull the drive try changing the RAM configuration. You get one shot with each change. Try resetting the PRAM on the first change. Then change it back and try the Target.

by mayer

mayer is correct--here is a link on the procedure. This one is a Mac Mini but the procedure is the same. +


by rj713

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I used this answer from Dan Frakes at Macworld. This worked for me on an Apple G4 iBook 1.07GHz model. I had just changed out the hard drive on this laptop that I bought off of eBay from a school district. Dan's solution: There’s a back door to firmware passwords: You can bypass the password by changing the amount of physical RAM inside the computer and then resetting PRAM during the first boot immediately after the RAM change. In other words, if you change the amount of RAM in a Mac, it will start up normally one time to give you a chance to reset the PRAM; if you don’t reset the PRAM during that boot, firmware-password protection will be restored the next time you boot.

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