The Google Pixel is Google's first flagship phone, released on October 20, 2016. The 5-inch AMOLED display device comes with 32 and 128 GB storage options and is available in three colors; Very Silver, Quite Black, and Really Blue.

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Fixing the microphone issue

I am suffering the microphone issue and there is not official service in my country, so, Is there a way to fix the main microphone issue?


Update (05/18/2017)

Testing and testing, as nothing else could be done, i was able to record my voice using the main mic. My guess is that it still works, but something is interfering with the sound entering the phone.

Should I open it? Why should I look? How is the process of unstucking the diaphragm of the mic (as I read in the google forums that it can be one of the causes).


Update (06/30/2017)

Finally, I bought the Charging Port PCB, I replaced it and the mic works really nice again. The main mic is in that PCB, so I finally replaced my phone. :)

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Have you tried a factory reset? If not, do so.


Google acknowledged that some of the "microphone problems" were due to a "hardware problem" .

see Google Help Forum here:

I have had luck toggling the speaker phone on and off on mine, but that only solves the issue for that call.


I've tried everything, factory reset included. The only thing that helps is, as Christopher Williams says, toggling the speaker phone on and off. I hope there is a solution, I need to fix it.

Thanks everybody for the comments.


Watching the teardown of the Pixel XL, I can see that the main Microphone is attached to the "Charge Port PCB". If I can buy (where?) and replace myself that pcb, is it possible that I can solve my problem?

Any idea is welcome, I don't want to lose a phone like this for a relative small issue.


So, anybody recommends a place where to buy the whole PCB? I can't find it in stock anywhere.



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Ifixit's teardown is for the pixel XL. It is likely different for that phone. Besides, replacement of the microphone wouldn't cut it. A microphone is an analog device, like headphones. That means, no digital signals are being sent between the mic and motherboard. So if toggling the speaker phone fixes the problem, it can't be fixed by replacing the mic.

Try downloading audio recorder from the play store. Take a recording and see if you can hear it.

If you can hear from the recording, installing a third party phone app should fix it. If you don't have it already, install your carrier's phone app.

Hope this help!

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Hi! Thanks for answering. I believe I didn't understand clearly (english is not my native language). So, to clarify:

When I make or receive a call, I can only talk using the speakerphone. When in a call, I turn on and off the speakerphone, the other person still can't hear me.

Using audio recorder apps, I just hear noise (when selecting main microphone). If i knock on the mic, I get that sound on the recording. When selecting camera mic (?), I can record audio just fine.

So, my idea remains. If i could buy the "OEM Google Pixel Charge Port PCB" somehow, replacing it should fix my problem, right?


@nicomibanez would you prefer if I used a translator?

Probably not. You can try it though.


@pccheese Translators aren't really accurate, I should read better/slower next time.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Nicolas, can you leave me a link where I can purchase the charging port pcb?

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