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Model A1297 / 2.66, 2.8, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Is my video card/chip about to die?

The issue I am experiencing with my 17" MBP early 2011 occurs when I launch certain programs. When I launch Adobe Reader and other programs listed below, where the screen was white most white pixels change to pink. In the black areas it appears to be raining at approximately a 45degree angle from right to left, rain is green. This just started a few weeks ago. The same occurs with iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, and Camera Live. No MS apps, including Powerpoint, cause the pink to appear. When I quit the program the screen returns to normal color. I am running OS 10.12.4 (16E195).

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Thanks for the response. My concern is the condition will continue to expand and will eventually affect other software I use all the time. A few years ago I installed a 1TB SSD and new RAM and it performs very well for what I use it for. Do you believe the MBP is worth investing in the cost of a new board or after six years should I move on to a new computer? Thanks in advance for your recommendation.


I definitely had the very same problem. Heating the chip (AMD) with a heat gun just solved the problem (just did it : May 1st, 2017) . Easy to find a procedure on Youtube.

The best one (the one I followed) is :

Be careful. I am no tech and I succeeded. It's worth trying since there isn't much to lose. You could even add 1 or 2 minutes without worrying. And Thank God, it worked. For how long, I don't know. But If I win a year, it's worth it. If not, I'll just do it again, but It's worth it. Be confident. Trust yourself and be very careful. It is a lot of self satisfaction. Not so difficult if you take your time. good Luck !


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Yeap you already answered your question ,its about to die

But most of gpu's with these sign (mixed colors ,random vertical or horizontal lines) are actually fine and this occurs due to loosing gpu chip's tin connection to board which happens because of alot heating and cooling cycles.

If you have knowladge and time you can use a last chance by reheating chip with heat gun.

If didnt resolved problem its dead

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You can keep heating it or you can properly reflow it or reball it, but that will never be a permanent solution because for this particular GPU the issue is with the chip itself for most if not all cases. And at some point the GPU will die and the laptop will die along. Just my opinion.


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There was a repair extension program on this model which has now expired. Personally I would take it to an ASP or Apple store and request that they run the test so at least you will know if this is the issue. There was a Class Action Law suit on this so they may comply. They may possibly do a "warranty exception" but I wouldn't count on it. If you can get them to run it at least you will know and may then be able to get it repaired.

@rany may be doing this GPU replacement with his new equipment and this will get his attention.

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Thank you for the mention @mayer.

TL;DR I am not offering GPU replacement for 2011 models.

The long answer: unfortunately, so far there are no NEW replacement GPUs for the 2011 models. All that's available are old/used chips that are polished and remarked and resold as new/improved versions.

If we replace your GPU with what's currently, they are sure to come back sooner or later.

I would advise against replacing them or having them replaced at this moment, until a supply of good chips is available. If that's even a possibility.


@rany I understand your reluctance to do a repair that may not last. However the only other option is to scrap the machine. I've done a lot of reflows on the iMac GPU using just a cheap hot air workstation. I've had about a 70% success rate doing it. Those that I have done have not failed so far. My feeling is that if my customer can gain 2-4 years more service out of a machine, I've done a good thing. I do warn them that it will probably fail. Here's a repair service, it only offers a 90 day warranty. But if the option is throwing the machine in the trash or taking a chance......... I am aware that my triple bypass surgery may only last ten years or so but the alternative didn't seem to inviting except to the grim reaper ;-)


@mayer at this rate it is better they send the board or laptop to you for reflow. In case of failure, the warranty is easier to honor (repeating the procedure). And in case it happens outside the warranty period, the owner of the laptop did not pay for international shipping so his loss is less.


@mayer whenever someone says that they threw an electronic thing away that i could have repaired i die a little inside lol


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