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Model A1106 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Display Data Cable re assembly

I'm going to try to determine if my display needs the inverter cables replaced. However if that doesn't work I'll try the data cable next.

The display is dark, but the desktop can clearly be seen from a light shown from behind and in front.

My question is can I test the new display data cable by attaching it to the display and logic board, and connecting all the other cables to the logic board, without re assembling the hinge?

If so how do I protect the cable from the keyboard?

Thank you for your help!

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rdklinc thanks for your answer. The screen does not light up when I move it. I did find out something weird when I moved the display around. I decided to remove the the inverter board cables and it made no difference whatsoever.

With those cables removed I could still see the desktop...what does that mean? Anyway I'll try replacing the inverter cables now. BTW do the inverter cables include the really long black cable that connects to the bluetooth board?

That bluetooth cable is stripped, like it's been caught in the top casing, could that have created a problem?

Thanks again. MackDog


No, the black cable is something else (I don't remember what...I'm sure it's mentioned in the guide). The inverter has a single connector. Anyway, the dark screen image working without the inverter doesn't tell you much unfortunately. The inverters purpose is to provide light to the screen, but the inverter cable could still be bad, and the backlight hardware in the screen could still be bad. A bigger hint is the stripped Bluetooth cable. That means the cables are in fact being crimped, so it's a good sign the inverter cable has also been damaged, even if not visibly. I'd proceed replacing the inverter cable, and I'd say your chance of that being the issue is now pretty good.


Also, hold down ctrl-f2 when the machine has booted up to increase the brightness. It sounds silly, but occasionally the brightness is all the way off and it's easy to confuse that with more severe issues.


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If as you describe you can see a faint image, then the display cable is not the problem, and it's either the inverter cable, or the screen itself. When you move the screen back and forth on the hinge, does it sometimes light up, especially when it's almost closed? If so, that's a giveaway that it's the inverter cable. If not, it could be either. Usually it's the screen, honestly, but it's worth trying the inverter cable first because it's cheaper.

Yes, you can test the cable without putting the hinge back together. It's not a pretty sight, and you'll wish you had five hands in order to hold all the pieces that are falling all over you, but it can fairly easily be done. As far as protecting the cable from the topcase, don't fasten down the topcase, i.e. leave it unscrewed and loose. There is enough give in the topcase connector that it can easily be plugged in and hovering an inch or two above the machine without it being fastened down.

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you're careful, yes. There are no interlocks to prevent the machine from booting without being completely assembled, but watch out for shorting any connection because everything is lose.

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Good luck,


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Just be careful with all that open circuitry not to wiggle, bump or move something into contact with something it shouldn't.


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