Backlight not working after LCD Replacement

Hi All,

I am doing a retina screen repair on a 15" 2012 Macbook Pro. As you all know, replacing just the display is a long, and tedious task. I am at the stage where I have removed the old display and I am testing the new one that I ordered before I seal it all up.

When I connect the new display to the macbook body using the video cable and backlight display cord, the backlight does not illuminate and i am not seeing an image on the LCD screen. To make sure that the macbook is properly working, I connected it to an external display, and it works.

To double check the the new LCD, I shined my iPhone light behind it and could not see an image. I will mention however, that my screen still has the film on it, as I do not want to remove it unless I know that I will not have to replace it. From watching others online, I should still be able to see a picture through the tint of the film.

The backlight appeared to be working before the repair, so i am confused as to why it is not now. I would love to check again, however the previous screen was broken when i removed it - so i cannot reinstall it. I suppose that I could have blown a fuse, but I removed the battery before doing any work on it. Could it be very likely that I blew it from ESD?

My thought is that there might be a problem with the screen (ether I sourced the wrong one or it is faulty). Would someone be able to confirm I have the correct screen?

Old Screen: LP154WT1(SJ)(A1)GD

New Screen: LP154WT(SJ)(AV)

Macbook Model #: A1398

I am also looking for any other ways to problem solve this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

- Jeff

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