2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) or 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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AirPort board to external GPU

Hello! Is it possible to replace AirPort to this device and connect external GPU http://m.banggood.com/MAC-Version-V8_0-E... ?

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First you'll need to talk with the company that makes this product for what models they support as well as what graphics cards they have tested.

Frankly, I don't see this as such a good idea with this MacBook Pro series you have or even needed!

Lets look at the two versions of this system they both have the Intel Iris Pro 5200 intergraded GPU's within the Haswell CPU. The dual Graphics models have a second GPU which offers better graphics performance than the built-in GPU. These systems offer a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (see the links above).

But, lets say the built-in GPU options doesn't cut it and maybe you don't have the dual GPU model and you want more graphics power what to do??

Well, I would go with a Thunderbolt connected PCIe case to then host the GPU card/s this is by far safer and offers much better performance then the PCI Express mini card slot of the WiFi adapter and you don't give up your WiFi services or need to cut a hole in your case to feed the cable.


Update (02/28/2017)

As far as data flow rates thats not an easy question to answer. While one can quote a connection paths data rate, the image data source location and the rest of the systems performance impacts what you'll see. Some of this also deals with what kind of data you are working with. As an example someone editing a video or someone editing an animation composition Vs someone playing a heavily graphical game are dependent on different elements of the system.

Here's some external port max throughput numbers:

  • FireWire 800: 100 MBps/800 Mbps
  • USB 3.0: 640 MBps/5 Gbps
  • USB 3.1: 1.25 GBps/10 Gbps
  • Thunderbolt-1: 1.25 GBps/10 Gbps per channel (x2) - Bonded 2.5 GBps/20 Gbps
  • Thunderbolt-2: 2.5 GBps/20 Gbps per channel (x2) - Bonded 5 GBps/40 Gbps
  • Thunderbolt-3 (USB-C): 5 GBps/40 Gbps per channel (x2) - Bonded 10 GBps/80 Gbps

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Thank you, Dan, I have checked your information and yeah you are right, the mPCIe will cut the performance to 8gb/s at the same time thb2 is up to 20gb/s. I have a dual GPU and now I'm interested is via what port my GT750m performes is it also mPCIe 3.0? I have to work with video and 3d graphic, which requires better performance than my GPU can offer.


If you don't need the mobility of a laptop I would strongly recommend getting a proper desktop system. We use Mac Pro's for our video and 3d renderings of architectural structures for presentations. You may need to look at a newer iMac or make the big leap to a Mac Pro.

Remember the laptop system is not built for long term heavy graphics. While a BizonBOX is a good way to lessen the load internally, the processing onboard may still be a bit much. I would strongly recommend you monitor your systems heat using a good monitoring app like: TG Pro review the Turbo function as well here.


Dan, thank you very much for such a proper answer, so will keep it in my mind, and when will grow in this area I will definitely switch to unmobile PC, I ordered a bizonbox2 with GTX 970 and only one thing I can't understand I found one social network community about eGPU and people there installing GPU via mPCIe and GPU like nvidia 1050, 1070, but that is wasting of money it is the same like buying a sport car and ride on a golf field on it, or I am wrong?


I like the analogy of the golf field ;-}

I think what you are seeing here is older pre-retina MacBook Pro systems which only have FireWire or 1st gen. Thunderbolt connections or MS Windows based laptop systems which don't offer any external high speed interfaces being referenced for this mini PCIe slot solution.

But time has moved on and so has external high speed connections between Thunderbolt2 and now USB-C based Thunderbolt3 better eGPU solutions are available.

You're on the right track now, let us know how it goes.


I have ordered it but only on summer will be able to try it, because I'm in China now, and only in summer will return to my place, so will message here. Dan do you know how big is data flow from logic board to GPU while we are watching 4k video for example? Still can not understand why that people buy expensive cards, for weak connection.


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