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Which microscope for repair?

Hey :)

Any of you who use a microscope for repair phones? I need a microscope But dont know which i Should buy? I need one which is not too expensive But good enough for repair Logic board.

Suggestions? Maybe a eBay link og something? :) And which is Best, a microscope where you see The Logic board from a screen Or from a Lens???

Thanks :)

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You could start off by buying a used one to see what you like and don't like. Personally, it is much easier to look through the eyepieces than on a screen.

You will need a stereomicroscope (two eyepieces allowing you to see in 3D) but if you want to make videos, then consider a trinocular micrscope so that you can work and record at the same time.

Look at this video from Louis Rossmann regarding the tools he uses...

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The first questions is: what do you need it for? The second is: do you really need it?

If you just want something to play around with, any of the $40 Amazon digital ones are fine. If you want it for doing board level repairs, forget about seeing it on the screen. I have the Amscope SM4TZ with the camera. The camera is really only good for taking pics...not much else. It actually gets in the way more than it helps.

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I think I can partially answer the question by giving some considerations to think about.

I use these on a regular basis, being it in the field of life sciences. Judging from your post, you're an electronics repair man.

From personal experience: when you have to use a stereo microscope for hours in a row, you definitly want a binocular with eyepiece tubes placed at 45°. They're more expensive, but really worth it, unless you don't mind your neck and/or your back feeling like shredded each evening...

Depending on brand and model, those instruments can magnify anything between 5 x and some 150 x. In biology, and I suppose that goes for your line of work as well, magnifications above say 40 x are only rarely used. And even in an excellent instruments, the image quality deteriorates quickly above that magnification. Unless you want to pay $ 10,000 or even more.

There are two types of stereo microscopes: the Greenough (GR) type and the CMO ("Common Main Objective").

Both have their (dis)advantages. The CMO has greater light gathering power (more light in the image) but the GR can easily compensate that by the use of a stronger light source.

The CMO is in the literature explicitly advised as "the workhorse" for "electronics repair" and such, but it is 2 - 3 x more expensive than an equivalent GR. A lot of CMO's are equipped with a zoom function. It can come handy, I suppose.

If you have every once in a while some other, larger repair work, such as computer mother boards and such, you might want to consider a stereo microscope mounted on a boom stand, giving you more work space.

Field of view might be a consideration: a larger FOV is always handy. As a general rule, CMO's have larger FOV's compared to GR's. But there are exceptions.

Working distance might be a consideration. Some have far greater working distance than others.

Illumination might be a consideration. In their basic version binocular microscopes are usually equipped with a single low voltage illuminator, which often leaves much to desire. Better illumination such as an adaptable ring illuminator or (luxury!) a fiber optic illuminator are expensive options.

Regarding brands and models, I can't really give much of an advice, not being an expert on stereo microscopes. I used only two of those: a CMO, the Russian LOMO MBS-10 which I considered usable but nothing more than that and a GR, a 1970's - 1980's Zeiss STEMI DR, which is better than the LOMO, but not as good as the brand suggests.

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O, I forgot: I won't spend my money on a "USB- microscope" displaying the image on a computer screen. Those are usually mediocre toys.

High quality systems, consisting of a high grade stereo microscope, including a high grade camera, connected directly to a computer exist, but they're horribly expensive.


+1 Great answer!


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You might want to review what Jessa uses and how she does micro-soldering Introduction to Microsoldering with Jessa Jones.

Besides having the tools you do need to be able to read schematics and understand how things work. Have you taken any college level courses in microelectronics? You may want to start there.

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I just use a fake AmScope one from china and digital viewer on my imac.

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Hello friend, We have repair special microscope for you.

Change iphone's resistance,capacitance,etc... You'd better use repair special microscope。

It's has display, you don't need you look at small eyepiece, or look at computer display.

like this:

Don't expensive price for microscope. hope these tool useful for you .

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