The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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iPhone 5s Charging/power issue

I have a problem with my son's iPhone 5s and hopefully someone can make sense of it. First, he did just admit to dropping off his lap onto the floor. It only fell a foot or so and I don't see any visible external damage. I'm guessing it's possible something broke/came loose on the inside. Anyways, the phone will not stay powered up even while plugged in. The battery shows 100% charge on the home screen when it does start. I have done a battery reset procedure, as well as doing a factory reset. If I plug the phone in after it dies, it will show a dead battery on the screen with the little red line on the battery. Eventually it will start but shuts down within a minute or so. Also, I'm not sure how accurate the battery life apps are but I have one installed and it only shows a 10% wear level. I also tried both removing and reseating the sim card. Thanks ahead of time. If more info is needed, please let me know.

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Don unfortunately it sounds like to me you are going to need to open it up and check the battery itself to ensure it is securely connected as well as the charging port connector. There is a metal cover that holds both down but they have been known to pop loose. If you are a do it yourself type it is not real difficult you could try it yourself but you will need some specialty tools and there are plenty of videos on youtube that take you step by step through the process. If you are not comfortable I would take it into a local repair shop and let them take a look. Good luck!

Update (01/29/2017)

Don even though it may seem aggravating this is what the website is about, sharing knowledge and troubleshooting things down until you find the problem. The 100% issue is a software glitch that has affected the iPhone 6 the most but it has affected the 5 series as well. Lets cover the battery first so you know the battery is dead because you read it out with a meter so I would agree you need to order a new battery and I would order from this website because the knock off cheap batteries have known to cause issues and not have the battery life. Its my opinion that the battery is acting as a ground allowing the phone to boot up via the wall plug so even though it is dead it is allowing the phone to obtain ground therefore booting the phone. If you install a new battery and see the false 100% there are two ways to try and reset the software. You can do a forced reset by holding the home and power buttons at the same time until the phone turns off and then the apple logo is shown, at this point let go of both buttons. The other is more in depth and requires you to back up the phone, do a DFU reset which will completely erase the phone. The reason you do this is to reinstall the software and firmware with the most up to date through iTunes. The DFU reset is the last resort typically the forced restart will correct the issue. If you get to that point let me know and I will walk you through it but for now try the battery replacement.

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Thank you for the quick response. I have no problem popping it open, I'm actually an electronics tech myself but I've never had the opportunity to open up a cell phone. I was hoping someone with experience (as you did) would give me an idea of where to start looking. I guess I'll give it a shot and see what I find. Thanks again.


Don hopefully I write this prior to you opening up your phone. If you are going to do it yourself they have great step by step repair videos here on ifixit. Here is the link to replacing the battery which will include removing your screen which is a very important process especially with the 5s which has a home button cable that goes from the home button down to the charging port. You have to be careful when removing the screen not to damage this cable. Also a word of advice take your time with it and when you remove any screws ensure your organize them to go back in the original spot even if they look the same size a lot of times they are not. Also when removing cables ensure you do not pry into the logic board, there are a bunch of microscopic filters and capacitors that can be easily knocked loose or completely off. Sorry not trying to scare you, just go by the following and you will be fine: How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s


I took it almost completely apart and reset all the connectors. Everything went fine, it's all back together. It's still not fixed but I think I've narrowed it down to the battery. Before I order one, I was hoping to get answers to a couple of questions/observations. The phone will power up fine while plugged in. As it is starting, the battery shows like it is dead, with the dead battery screen. The phone will then start all the way and shows 100% battery charge. In order to test why the battery was showing 100% I tried to start the phone with the battery unplugged. I'm not sure if the phone will work like this but mine wouldn't start. I also measured the voltage on the battery terminals and got zero voltage. This leads me to believe that the battery is dead and jives with the dead battery indication on start up. Why then would the phone show 100% charge? Could something else be fooling the phone into believing it has a full charge and then preventing the battery from charging? Thanks again for the help.


@boss2731 two things can cause this. Your battery is providing false feedback to the "gas gauge" or you have a faulty charging IC (check for U2 on answers). Start by replacing the battery.


@oldturkey03 you are correct about the U2 IC possibly being the issue. Don the U2 IC is a chip on the logic board itself and is part of the power management system. This is a board level repair requiring specialty tools and micro soldering experience to repair that is why I was working through the possible causes that you could do at your kitchen table first. If the solutions we have tried do not work then the logic board would be a good possibility and if needed I can recommend one of the best for you.


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