Sixth iteration of Apple iPhone, announced on September 12, 2012. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, requiring screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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Both cameras and flash stopped working after battery replacement

Hey, I just replaced my iPhone 5 battery. However, my front and rear camera as well as my flash are not working. I ended up disconnecting the front panel display because I had trouble keeping it upright while trying to pry out the battery.

I'm pretty sure the 3 flex cables that connect the display are strained. I can occasionally get the rear camera and flash working when I bend the cables a bit, but I have never gotten the front facing camera working again.

The weird thing is that when I had a repair shop connect a brand new display to the motherboard, I still couldn't get either cameras or flash working.

Any suggestions? I've had this phone for 4 years and its served me well. I'd rather not have to spend the money on another phone.

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So I brought the phone to another repair shop and paid $75 for board level repair/micro-soldering.

He initially said that I messed up a resistor removing the 3 flex cables connecting the display/digitizer/front camera.

From asking people, [this connection highlighted in green - Front camera/proximity sensor FPC]( was broken.

The tech was busy and brief, but I believe he replaced that socket connection and he said he replaced the front camera as well.

Since I didn't touch the front camera, I'm guessing I strained the flex cables too much disconnecting/reconnecting the display.

I guess the damage I did to that FPC only affected the proximity sensor, because that was one thing I tested before bringing it to the shop.

So that Front camera / proximity sensor FPC controls the rear camera as well? The guy mentioned that when 1 camera doesn't work, they both don't.


Note to other DIYer's

If you plan on leaving the display connected, be careful with the flex cables connecting the digitizer/display/front camera. They are very fragile and can be easily strained, messing up the display with alternating vertical lines/stripes.

I found it difficult to hold the display at a 90 degree angle with one hand and continually try to pry out the glued battery with the other. The battery is firmly glued in and I didn't want to puncture the battery or motherboard with the spudger, so I used the suction cup to slowly lift up the battery from the adhesive. That took a very long time.

Someone else came up with an ingenious idea of keeping the display upright and in place by rubber banding it to the box that came with the iPhone. I wish I thought of that.

Be careful and patient. It looks easy on Youtube videos, but it's deceptively difficult and tedious.


I'm still going to unplug screen assembly. Still a better choice IMO.


first what was the history of your phone pls check the liquid indicator if it turns red it has a water damage then test it if theirs a short circuit in your board try to test it with out the camera and camera connected if see the result so you judge ether you need to replace your parts


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2 Answers

The connectors on the logic board could've been damaged during the first repair. At this point I would put in a new logic board.

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Replace Back Camera Flash & Front Camera Also Works



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