Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Missing antenna interconnect cable

Hi! Recently I fixed my iPhone. I replaced body and screen. Of course it was necessary to move all parts from old body to new body. After assembling everything was OK. But today I wanted to add my card in Wallet (ApplePay). After adding card, I tried to pay with ApplePay and I've found out that it doesn't work. I tried another payment terminals in different markets, but it still didn't work.

Wallet shows me message: "Put your finger on hone button" and when I put it, Wallet shows "Your ApplePay is ready for use".

I disassembled iPhone and found missing part. You can see that guy holds up this part.

I searched the web for this part named "antenna interconnect cable" and found nothing similar. I think NFC can't work without this part. What is the name of this part? And can you tell me what this detail is responsible for? Or if this part isn't important for NFC, can you tell me what screws, parts should I check for correct NFC work?

I also tried to restore iPhone, but I DID NOT get error 56 in iTunes (This error means that NFC is damaged). Restoring was successful.

Tomorrow I'll try another card, but I think it will not works...

Now I will assemble my iPhone back and wait for your help.

I'm sorry for my bad English :(

Кажется я не заметил как попал на русскоязычную версию сайта и описал свою проблему на английском...

В общем, напишу тут еще и по-русски на всякий.

Проблема собственно в том, что не работает ApplePay. Альфа Банк. В прошлом году пробовал ApplePay с картой Visa от ВТБ24. Все работало: телефон видел терминал, терминал реагировал и тд. Спустя какое-то время, я разбил дисплей. Да и корпус был в ненадлежащем виде: отверстия под крепление дислпея к корпусу были изогнуты, сам корпус тоже не прямой... В общем заказал все, что нужно и поменял сам. Все работало хорошо.

Сегодня привезли карту Альфа Банка и решил я протестить ApplePay. Подношу к терминалу телефон и ничего. Открываю Wallet, выбираю карту, прикладываю палец по просьбе приложения, вижу что-то вроде "Все готово к оплате!" и ничего не происходит. Облазил интернет, нашел тему на 4pda. Там написано про то, что нужно подтянуть болты и, по возможности, почистить контакты. Окей. Разобрал свой айфон, почистил осторожно контакты под болты на плате, посмотрел фотки в мануале по разборке iPhone. И нашел детальку, которой не хватает. Ссылка на фотку в англ версии.

Так вот у меня вопрос: для чего нужна эта перемычка? Нужна ли она для работы NFC?

Если не нужна, то какие перемычки отвечают за передачу сигнала от NFC к антенне?

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This is a pretty interesting question. Because, I believe, the cable you're referring to wouldn't need to be removed, to do a housing swap. You get wifi and cellular connection, right?

Is this be cable you're referring to?

Block Image

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This cable (on your picture) connects under logic board, right? I checked it and found it on my board. I mean another "cable". It is not coaxial cable. You can see that this cable on my picture is not absolutely a cable. It holds by one screw below camera's screw and above camera's cable connector. On the picture you can see that this cable has a something looks like condenser with blue paint. This missed part looks like a jumper. But I don't know where another end of this jumper should be... I can't found this missed part in special shops. If my memory serves me right, this jumper was a bit flexible with black covering (isolation) on the middle. But I can be mistaken!


There are pictures with missed part:

Also there is manual with picture:

iPhone 6 Logic Board Replacement



I've asked on another site about this problem. Think I'm close to the answer. I will answer here later.


Oh, yeah. I could see that getting lost, during a body swap. Honestly, that's one of those parts that's difficult to find. You could reach out to one of your local repair shops, and see if they're willing to give or sell you one, from their graveyard


I found one repair shop and they have special kit. Kit with small parts. And this body swap (omg, finally I've learned its name :D) comes with that kit. Thank you a lot! I hope ApplePay will work correctly after repairing!


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