Rear camera photos are partially blurry

Device situation:

  • The phone has a thin rubber case.
  • It has had a few falls at around or less than 1m (3ft).
  • The screen and rest of the phone are fine, no cracks, very few dents
  • It went for a 3 second swim in the toilet (luckily just after cleaning and before using), I turned it off and placed it for 2 days in a bag of rice, which seems to have fixed it.

The problems:

The phone has 3 major issues, the camera being the focus in this post, however to be thorough I want to mention all here:

  • camera partially blurry (example image:
  • power button not working
  • very poor connectivity on wifi (have to constantly put plane mode on/off to get internet back)

Further description:

I have not noticed a direct relation of a fall/swim to the camera issue.

It seems to me that a lens is dislodged as the photos still has an area that is clear.

I have previously fixed a Canon DSLR with a dislodged lens in the viewfinder, that is why I think it could be that, however the parts here are so much smaller.


Is it even possible that the camera is dislodged and I just need to push it back in place?

Or do I not even bother, and just buy a new camera to put in?


Questions regarding the other issues mentioned here:

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