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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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How old is my machaine

My house came with this machine but I need to sell it and people want to know how old it is, is there any way to tell from the model and ser numbers.

MOD 110. 25132411 SER C61542901

Thank you so much for your help


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Could you please help me find out how old this washer is. Kenmore Model 110.92573200 Serial CD 4660279... My landlord has it in the lease that I am responsible for repairs and it it can't be fixed I have to replace the washer. I wanted to bring in my own when I moved into the place and was told that if I change the washer and dryer because it's not to one's liking I MUST LEAVE IT AT THE RESIDENCE if I MOVE OUT.... I knew it was going to break because I think it's at least 15 years old. It could even be possibly made in the 90's. If I have to replace it he is getting something just as old. If you could please help in finding the age of this washer I would greatly appreciate it.


my serial # is 808KWWZ00185 model # is 79648852800

anybody know how old this machine is. kenmore


What's the stock number , like if its 618-01 then it was made on June 18th 2001. There should be another set of numbers near model and serial numbers


My Kenmore model 110 has a serial number if CR4242155. Based on other response I can't figure mine out. I bought it used in March 2020. Thx.


@ofrdrsq881 what is the complete model number? Double check your serial number as well. Kenmore really did not make your washer but it was either made by Whirlpool or by Frigidaire. Both companies use a different numbering system. If your washers model number starts with a 110 then it is a Whirlpool made if it starts with 417 its a Frigidaire


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Repair Clinic offers this service.

Go here and enter what information you have:

The site shows me the following on your machine:

According to the serial number this product may have been manufactured in Clyde, OH, April of 1976 or 1986 or 2016.

Based on the model number supplied, this product design may have been introduced to the marketplace for 2014 in which case the closest date indicated by the serial number may be the actual manufacturing date for this product.

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Hi @ capt_eman,

Don’t know the age of the machine but searching online indicates that it has been around since at least 2009

It may be still cheaper to fix the washer than to replace it with a same aged machine.

What is the problem with the washer?

Here’s a troubleshooting link to problems with your model that may help.

Here’s a link to just one parts supplier for the washer. It is only shown to give you parts diagrams, showing where the parts are located in the machine and the cost of the part. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for 110.92573200 parts to get results.

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My serial number only has one letter C54346206 so how old is it. It will not spin!!! Model number 110. 25132411


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Hi @memechelle1974

As best that I can find out your model is from 2014 approximately. This is based on searching online for reviews of the washer using the model number. Most appear around 2014-2015 and there are none before this.

Regarding the problem, does the washer agitate OK?

If it agitates OK but doesn’t spin then it may be a washer drive pulley, part #9 gear case,motor and pump parts diagram problem. This can also affect the agitate cycle as well.

If it doesn’t agitate at all either it may be a drive belt problem. (part #15 gear case,motor and pump parts diagram)

The supplier I linked was used only to show the part and its location. Once you have determined what the problem is and if parts are needed, there are other parts suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for 110.25132411 parts to get results.

Note: I've re-opened your deleted comments and then removed the duplicated ones and restored your lost Ifixit reputation points.

Sometimes the Ifixit anti spam iRobot is a bit aggressive with long number strings e.g. model numbers, as it "thinks" that they are spam phone numbers and deletes the comment/answer/question, - it’s still learning ;-).


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