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Can I connect MacBook Pro 2012 screen to 2015 retina screen?

I have a macbook pro mid 2012 15'' with the black screen issue (I have video as I can use flashlight to login and then can use external monitor but no backlight on the original screen)

I ran some tests on the logic board which seems fine till the moment. But I coulnd't ran the full tests as I am not willing to take out the logic board and ran tests on the bottom side.

I cannot find a friend with the same exact macbook pro model so as to make the simple test of getting the lvds cable connector out my logicboard and connecting it to his so as to quickly tell if the problem is on my logicboard or my screen.

But a friend of mine have the 15'' from 2015 which is retina (mine is not). Can this test still be performed? Or are the connectors different and I put in risk his computer?

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If I understand you here your external monitor is working without any problems. So that leaves the issue as being something within the internal display. Lets see if we can diagnose this using a flashlight! Start up your system (everything connected internally) and then shine your flashlight into the lids logo (a poor mans backlight). Are you able to see the faint images of your desktop icons? If you are you don't have a display issue but a backlight issue which might be a simple fix on the logic board.

As for your direct question of fitting a retina screen onto your older MacBook Pro system, sadly the answer is No. The screens are very different, think of it this way your cars engine is dead so you put into it Formula 5 race car engine in! Not really practical is it? ;-}

Update (12/23/2016)

Yikes, thats unbelievable markup!

I think you've already done it here. If you don't feel you trust your self how about measuring the backlight power lines on the retina it will be the same as a comparison.

I would use some sewing pins for the probes as it's so tight to poke around the connector. Basically I solder a wire onto the pin and then clip my meter to the leads I created. I also put some heat shrink tubing over the solder joint and partway down the pin so I can't short across another pin or component.

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@dan hahahaha I get your point. Not practical haha. But maybe the connectors were the same who knows... So I'll have to get the same exact model somewhere.

About your question, yes, the flashlight trick works, that's how I get to log-in and then use the external monitor.... I have another thread going on here: Screen Issue: No backlight (flashlight reveals content). Fuse? WLed? where you can read more in detail the point where I am.

My goal is to get to the source of the problem and then get someone to repair it, because here in Argentina is to risky to take it to a repair shop, maybe they can do more harm than good if they don't know exactly what the problem is. I am hoping and crossing fingers it's not a logic board problem and more a flex lvds cable one.


mmm... I've mostly seen burnt fuse links and LED drivers. Haven't needed to replace the video cable in this series (we have over 200 in the field).

The low voltage (11 volts) tells me the driver is bad. Isn't there an Apple Store in Buenos Aires? I would go there to have them repair it.


@dan do you think there's a way to diagnose the bad LED driver without taking out the board? So as to at least make the diagnose myself. For the fixing I found a guy who has the ability to repair logic boards and is experienced, I'll take it to him. "Official" stores here charge you like 2000% over (not exaggerating) a $100 repair would cost me like $1500, almost the same price as the new computer.


@danj I found a friend of mine who has the exact same model of macbook pro 2012... Can I connect his LVDS cable to my logic board without unscrewing anything and see if it works? Or do I jeopardise his computer? I would like also to connect my lvds cable to his logic board so as to detect where's the problem. Can I do that? Or there's more stuff I should connect for the test to work? Thanx!


Alex - You'll need to remove one display otherwise you won't have enough cable to reach or you could mount things backwards unintentionally! Which would damage things.


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