My MacBook Pro is dying

So i was playing on my mac (GTA V) and i touched my display and i felt hot i looked at it and the fan was out while the CPU was over 100 Celsius and my mac just died and crashed it works again but my CPU is turned in to junk!DZRDna5Y!Rg_kiAgMcHcgh...

Help me or is this mac just ready for trash?

Using a MacBook Pro 2015 15-Inch 16GB Ram 512GB SSD Core i7 CPU 3.1Ghz (Boost up to 3.4Ghz) Fully loaded

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I'm trying to figure out just which machine this is. According to everymac there wasn't a 3.1 GHz 15" model there was a 13" 3.1 model. Also you stat it has been boosted to 3.4 GHz. Just what have you done and what do you have?

I also do not know what this link is or what you are trying to get me to download.


Grand Theft Auto is a very CPU/GPU intense game. It really needs to be run an a desktop class system. MacBook Pro's can't sustain this heavy aggressive game.

If you altered the CPU's timing pushing the clock rate beyond what Apple intended the system to run at you've put a gun to the system!

Most laptops just don't have the needed cooling systems to be a gaming system.


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