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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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I am getting error code (8002F147) on my PS3

Alright so I have 2 PS3s. My friend let me borrow his broken ps3 to try to fix it. The problem is that he unplugged the AC unit during the update. So now I have error code (8002F147). Everytime I tried to restart it, it still went to update. It goes to about 36% then it gives me the error. It's an endless loop of errors.


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My nephew just brought me his PS3 today with the same exact problem. I will try messing around with it and I will let you know what happens.

by XnriquX

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I found this answer on a forum (link below):

  • take out the hard drive
  • connect hard drive to pc
  • open up disk management - in win7 it asked me to make a master book record, so I did.
  • format in NTFS - that's right, NTFS - don't use quick format
  • get the rom of whatever version you were on before you upgraded - i had to search, but i found the us 3.30 rom
  • copy that rom to usb drive in folders PS3 ==> UPDATE ==> put rom named PS3UPDAT.PUP here
  • shut down pc, take out hd, take usb drive too
  • put hd back in ps3, put usb stick in ps3
  • boot ps3
  • a screen will pop up. press select + start
  • another screen (i think) later, press select + start
  • configure your ps3 setup - done


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Yes I seen that. I dont have a SATA cable though so I just tried to update via full format on other PS3. It might work.

by impactsk8er100

Every time I try to update my ps3 to 3.55 firmware it give these error code80028cca

by jarell

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Hey man as I mentioned before my nephews PS3 had the same problem. All I did to fix it was:

  • tear the entire PS3 apart to clean it and re apply thermal paste.
  • While I had the mobo out I thought about removing the PRAM battery to see if that would fix the update error.
  • After I put the PS3 back together I turned it on WITHOUT a hard drive then when the missing HD error came up I inserted the HD then turned the PS3 off.
  • I turned it back on and the update ran right off the batt as usual except it was updating much faster. I just let it finish and it actually finished the update and booted into the home screen.

All his saved data as well as media was still there and it is now running fine. I do not think you have to do the whole thermal paste deal but just remove the PRAM battery for a while then try what I did with the HD. I hope this helps. Good luck!!

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I can confirm that this solution will fix the problem. Granted, the PS3 I was working on was giving the 802F1F9 error, but it is worth a shot. I did not do any thermal paste re-application, just removed the small onboard battery for a minute or two, reassembled, and start it first without then with the harddrive. Nice fix. +

by Brett Hartt

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error code 8002f147 refers to a problem with your disc drive/blue-ray player, if you have recently had it repaired from ylod or other problems that's probably whats done it, there are little plastic clips connecting the lead from the main board to your drive and i bet you find its broke or if its not been fixed lately i think you may need a new drive!!!

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You can't replace the blu-ray drive on a PS3 the motherboard to the drive is married to the motherboard of the console. They are a set that can't be separated and work. Please do a Google on the PS3 error code 8002f147, it is a firmware error.

by ABCellars

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Does anyone know where I can get the 3.30 or 3.40 firmware? I'm currently stuck with the same issue. {PS# SLIM 160GB}.

Thanks in advance!

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I need repair this error plz

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