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Cut and repair the power cable to the outside nest cam?

I bought the outside nest cam but the connector is like 3/4 around. Trying to fish that through the soffit is quite hard. I'm pretty technical but cutting the power supply and repairing on a $250 camera seems somewhat risky if I mess it up. My question is on the line that is connected to the camera if I cut it is it easy to repair?

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I was wondering if you had any updates with what you decided to do? I'm also in a similar predicament where I would prefer not to drill a 7/8" hole in my wall to mount the Nest Cam Outdoor. Did you end up cutting the cable or opening the camera itself? If you have any tips it would be appreciated. I'm quite disappointed that Nest did not consider this issue when they designed the product.



What is the wire gauge for the two power wires?


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Depending on how unobtrusive you want the power cable entry to be, the installation video for the Nest cam outdoors says to use a 7/8" drill to get the power plug through the wall etc.


As it is only a low voltage cable, (as the adapter from the AC outlet is connected to the camera power cable by what looks like a USB type connector), my suggestion is that you open the Nest Cam camera unit, take a picture of the power cable connections then un-solder/unscrew (not sure how it is terminated in the unit) and remove the power cable from the camera unit so that you can then feed the power cable from the inside through a smaller hole in the soffit by attaching it to a stiff length of suitably sized draw wire (straightened out coat hanger and electrical tape?)and pulling it through from the outside then re-terminate the cable back in the camera unit as per the picture you took earlier. You won't have 'cut' the cable per se merely disconnected and reconnected it in the camera unit.

No doubt doing this will probably void the warranty but cutting and splicing the cable most probably will as well.

Here is a link the the Ifixit guide on how to replace the motherboard in a Nest Cam camera unit. Hopefully it may be of some help (given that it is the same as the outdoor unit) in showing how to open the camera unit so that you can gain access to the cable connections.

Nest Cam Motherboard Replacement

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Thought I'd add this to help anyone who is struggling to fit this stupid design of a plug through there wall. It is a rediculous idea to put a plug on if this size especially when 99% of people are gonna want push it through the wall. Your cams are the bollox. So, fitted my 3 outdoor cams today. Cut straight thought the wires! There a 4 wires. Two main power and two in the middle for video feed and sound. All colour coded so easy to put back together! The two middles are surrounded by an earth wrap. Just twist this up into a strand. Join everything together and use good insulated tape. All 3 of mine work fine. Yes they are now not warranted . They never break. Had my last 5 cams 3 years. On constantly. Hope this helps.

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I had the same problem and decided to go for cutting the cable. I first bought an USB extension cable to test the procedure. And you know what? Nest Outdoor Cam only uses the red and black power wires and not the green and white data wires. So I cut the cable, drilled an 8 mm hole and inside the house joined the red and black wires again. The cam works like a charm!

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Just cut the cable myself and only had to drill a 10mm hole and then used a wire connector for added safety. I'm a DIY novice and was a little nervous but can confirm it works. Be careful with the video and audio wires as there thinner so easier to cut altogether when you just want to peel back the plastic insulating.

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image before I put the connector in the box that came with it, which I then screwed to the wall (98p from Screwfix). I've tweeted Nest with the issue, hopefully they'll start to offer two cables in the future.

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I want to go through the wall and then extend the wire 200ft to the end of my yard.

Q = Do you think there will be any issues with power that distance?

Q= Would I be better putting some kind of car battery down there? for the power wires?

Q = which 2 are the power wires?

Obviously I also have to extend my wifi range...

Thanks Ben Montclair USA.

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