Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 plus screen went static snow then died

I have an iPhone 6 plus of which I changed screen to a generic one bought from eBay about a month ago. It has been working quite good, though the new screen has at times been somewhat unresponsive, and there has been something that resembles a finger print slightly left below the center of the screen. When I pushed the screen, it kinda looked a bit like how I guess Harry Potter felt when Voldemort touched his head in the end of the Goblet of Fire, though not as visible. I have no idea wether this weak mark is relevant to this problem or not.

Anyhow: today, completely out of the blue, I took my phone out of my pocket and the screen had gone completely mad. It worked like a charm two minutes previously, but now just static snow, like an old TV with no signal. No response to touch or power button or anything. This lasted for a couple of minutes, then the phone died. Has been dead since.

I've tried to disconnect then reconnect the screen, and I also tried to reconnect the old broken screen, but still no response. Any ideas to what I could do?

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2 Answers

Even my phone went into a purple static state and hasn't changed since. But my phone has no history of damage and was bought fresh out of the store, so it's probably a collective software defect.

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Have you tried plugging it into the computer to see if iTunes recognizes it.

Sounds like a possibility is the replacement screen in some way damaged your backlight circuit. Sometimes these replacement screens pull too much voltage and damage one or more filters or go through the line and damage your diode or backlight ic itself.

Another possibility is your replacement screen had exposed metal (most likely exposed contacts) that made contact somewhere else and caused a short to ground, possibly bringing a rail down.

I'm also tired so might not be explaining this very clearly.

I would first check to see if the computer recognizes it with a good known cable. And see if the phone runs hotter than normal to touch. If the computer recognizes and/or it's hot to touch or overly warm you most likely have shorted your backlight line.

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