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BLU One Life X stuck in boot loop


It looks like my BLU LIFE ONE X is stuck in a boot loop and I can't find a solution tailored to this phone. I would like to get into recovery mode as many sites suggest a cache swipe or reset, but I can't even get there.

I hold the buttons and on the top left corner is written

Recovery mode : Volume up

Factory reset: Volume down

When I click the up button the screen only goes black.

Also I can't remove the battery (inbuilt), on other phones it seems to be a part of the process to get to the Android recovery mode.

I had an iphone before and never such a problem. :(

Answer this question I have this problem too

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I have this problem too. As of this morning it has been constant rebooting (every 12-15 seconds). Internet searches made me wonder if it was a virus, but I only use the play store. And even when I reboot it in safe mode it continues to do this rebooting. 12 seconds is not enough time to get anything done on the phone, and I don't want to try a factory reset until necessary as I'll lose so much data.

Ugh. I also never had such problems with least not 5 months into the owning the phone!


I am assuming your phone has been uncharged down to 1% or less?

Is so, assuming you can get the phone into recovery mode (volume up) and leave it there, it should get enough of a charge to break the rebooting cycle.


I wanted to add, the phone must be plugged in and charging. Also, keep trying to get it into recovery mode a few times. I had to keep trying. I don't know what "safe mode" is, there is no such mode for this phone.

While I know this is frustrating, it is related to the phone losing complete battery power, which is one reason to avoid letting it get below 5% if possible. Check this website, and you'll fine cases where iPhones have had similiar issues due to discharge, so it is not a Blu or Android-only problem!


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Hello Franziska Jenetzky,

  • Disconnect the battery and reinsert it as you did. after that Press and hold together Volume Down + Volume Up + Power button for a few seconds to enter the recovery mode.

****use volume keys to navigate and power key to select/Confirm

select option on screen # "wipe data/factory reset" and press power on button to confirm

once complete the process, select reboot option and use power button again to confirm

  • phone will be restart

Hope this answer will help you to fix your phone.

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i have the same problem but when i choose recovery it just restarts and gets back in the bootloop

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Same thing happened to me. It wont work.


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I was having this problem whenever my battery died completely. Whenever I plugged it in it would automatically turn the phone on but there was not enough battery to get through the boot process and it would die again.. and because it was still plugged in, it would try to turn on again before it was ready.

Whenever this happened, my solution was to connect the phone to my laptop or computer for a few hours. It would charge much slower, but for whatever reason it would not automatically try to reboot.

I would wait for it to get to about 50%, then switch to the wall socket and let it do its "optimization" thing.

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This fixed it for me. Thanks


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Short of removing the battery, which is not supported with this device, the only other thing you can do is let the battery drain completely, so that the power button will not activate the screen. Then, plug it in with a high-quality Android charger (in my opinion, the one which came with the phone stinks, so don't use it). I used a charger cord from my old OnePlus One. This eventually did the trick. After about an hour, the phone was at 25%. I was then able to turn it on normally.

Hopefully, this drastic measure works for you as well....

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I had mine in one like an had to flash new firm ware an rom on it get what you on I think it MDX website they have stock rom or special one to took me a while because I never done it before an it works as good as new an right after got it up the updates for it came from blue and it was updated to marshmallow hope this helps you.

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