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Trackpad not working and erratic keyboard behavior

My laptop suddenly started to experience problems with the trackpad and keyboard for no apparent reason. At first the trackpad responded poorly and after just a few minutes it practically stopped working at all. Now the cursor cannot be moved and clicking by tapping does not do anything. However, clicking seems to work sometimes when actually pressing the touchpad, which gives the "click" sound. Additionally, sometimes the trackpad is not found at all in system preferences.

The keyboard problems started at the same time. The keyboard often doesn't momentarily (for 1-2 seconds) register keypresses and sometimes the keypresses get repeated numerous times although I only press them once . This seems to affect all the keys, not just a certain part of the keyboard.

I've tried resetting SMC, NVRAM, deleting preference files and reinstalling OSX but they did not help. I also opened the laptop and checked that the trackpad/keyboard power connectors had not become loose. I also inspected the batteries and they did not seems to be bulged. Any ideas where to continue troubleshooting?

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Did you spill any liquid onto it? May be someone did without you knowing?


Yes, I have previously spilled some very small amounts (maybe a few drops that were shortly wiped off ) of water on the keyboard and/or trackpad.


When was that?

Trackpad and keyboard are channeled to the logic board through the same board connector. If it was liquid damaged earlier, it started corroding and now reached the point of failure. Tear your computer down again and look for traces of corrosion.


It has happened several times in the past and the last time was maybe a few days ago. The spillages have always been miniscule and there never was any immediate damage so I dismissed them although they seem to be the most likely reason that could have caused this. I'll try to look for the corrosion traces next. Thanks for the help.


If you find something and not sure how to handle it, report back and we'll guide you. Post pictures of affected areas.


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My best bet is it's your logic board. I've had issues with the logic board affecting other parts in the past.. this is really the only place you could remotely do any such test for free..Hardware test

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I know its an old post but im experiencing exactly the same issue with my Macbook Pro Retina 2014 for few days.

I was at a Genius Bar this morning, he said me on this model we have to change everything because "all is linked together" (i bet that all is linked together, it's a computer you know, but come on...) and told me it will be a 650$ fix. I said no, i don't want to change the top-case/battery for now, and without it the price has well decreased, just 120$ to change the keyboard / trackpad. They kept my computer so I will give some news in few days to see what is going on.

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