An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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No water out of the brew head

I have descaled 2x, and cleaned the brew head and portofilter screens, but water no longer comes down thru the brewhead. Water comes out of the steam wand, and steam comes out of the wand too. No problems there. I think what is happening is that the pump is not engaging. I don't hear that customary kick in sound I usually hear when the pump goes on. What do you think my problem is? Is this something I can fix myself? Thanks for your help. I really like this machine!

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Thanks very much for your answers Bruce and Henry. After much concerted effort to fix this machine I decided to chuck it and get a new one. I am now the proud owner of a Saeco Aroma. I hope this one lasts a bit longer than the old one!!


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Have you cleaned the back side of the brew head screen? You need to remove the phillips-head screw in the middle (be careful not to strip the head); if you're using very finely ground coffee often it can get behind the screen and clog it. If this doesn't fix it...

Will a stream of water come from the steam wand when the machine is cold? If so then your pump is working. If it's only coming out when the machine is hot then it's just the pressure from the boiler pushing it out and you may need to replace your pump. This machine uses an ULKA EX5 and it can be bought from as well as other online retailers. Pumps dying on these machines is fairly uncommon however so I would make very sure that's the problem before ordering a new one.

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My machine was in storage for several years. The steamer worked but not the coffee brewer.

I cleaned the brew head screen per your instructions, plus the part behind it where water comes out. Before reassembling, I tested it to make sure water came out. It took a couple minutes, but voila! water emerged. Then I put the screen back on and made a cup of Americano. Yum. Thanks so much!


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This may not work in your situation but I was able to repair my pump.

Here's how:

1. I removed the pump and disassembled it.

2. Went to this website and compared my pump components

to their diagram-photos.

3. I noticed a small ball-valve in the diagram that I didn't see in

pile of pump parts.

4. Upon closer inspection I discovered the ball wedged into the

barrel of the stainless or aluminum piston rod.

5. I replaced the ball as it looked worn. For lack of

anything better that was immediately available

I cut off a large round pinhead

found in my sewing kit.

6. After reassembly and re-installation of the pump I tried it out.

Nothing! Well I had to go somewhere and came back three

hours later and turned the machine on for one last try -

as of now it's working! Steam and espresso both on line.

Only one of the o-rings in the pump looked like it needed to be

replaced. Maybe some of the fine springs need to be replaced

as well. The machine is seven years old and I just saved $250

not replacing the it. And I saved $75.00 dollars not

buying a new pump.

I also took snapshots as I disassembled everything so

I'd remember what went where....good luck.

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I had the same issue.

Carefully took apart the pump unit and replaced the little plastic ball (stuck in the piston rod thing) with a slightly larger iron (no lead!) ball from an old ball-bearing.

Keep in mind that the water you drink will touch this part - so clean thoroughly!

@ghostrider111: Thanks a lot for sharing!


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I have had two of these same machines and both failed the same way.

I called 1-800-STARBUC and even though I did not have proof of purchase (first was a gift) they called my local store and the manager just gave me a new one.

It worked for a while and then poof. Same problem.

I know this is not a solution, but it just is not a very good machine.

I may tinker with the second broken one, but I don't feel very cheerful about my chances of fixing it.

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I called today with the same problem (7/30/15) and I was told that all of the machines are out of warranty and that I would have to take it to a local repair shop... I will attempt to take it apart when I get a chance.


where can you take them to be fixed?


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