Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Why my iPhone 6 have black screen but recognize by itunes

Hi all,

I have replace a part on my iphone (loud speaker) and after this my iphone doesn't work.

The screen is black and no light. I have tested another LCD and it's the same.

If i connect the iphone to my computer Itunes recognize this.

I have already restore with DFU the problem is still there.

I can not find the fault, I'd like to help to locate this one please

Thank you

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If you didn't disconnect the battery before doing anything, you may have blown the backlight on the phone.

A good way to check this is to get a spare screen, remove the backlight, then turn the phone on and shine a light under the screen whilst it is booting up, if you see an image, you have blown the backlight filter and you will need to know how to microsolder to fix this issue. :-)

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For the 5 screws (or was it 4?) that screw on top of the metal plate cover for the front panel connectors, did you make sure you put them all in the right holes?

Because if you put the longer ones where they shouldn't be, you may have caused damage to the logic board causing this issue.

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I think I have given the right screws. How can I check if I create damage to the logic board ?


It's 5 screws


You find out by examining the board for damage. However, this sounds like a different issue. Did you disconnect the battery before detaching the LCD? Did you attache new the LCD before you reconnected the battery?

Boot up and phone and look very carefully at the screen and see if the image is there, just really faint. If you can see the apple on boot up, go into settings and see if you just need to turn up the brightness. If the image is there and cranking the backlight doesn't fix it, then you most likely blew a backlight filter.

If there is no image at all, you should inspect the board for damage. Focus on the areas you touched; so around the battery connector and especially around the LCD connectors. Look for blown filters. If you can't find any, then examine the board for screw damage.

Something either wasn't put back correctly or got damaged. Focus on the areas you touched and you should figure it out.


i will go to check this by microscope tomorrow. Thank you for your answers


The screw really screwed the iphones be carefull of what you are putting is right or not if not dont put the screw


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You need to check a couple things. Really easy and fast.

1. Shine a flashlight in the middle of the screen as you push the power button. If you can see a faint Apple logo, you most likely have backlight issues.

2. Unplug home button and front camera assembly. Just leave the power button, lcd and digitizer plugged in. Now try to turn on, you may have to plug cable in to get it to turn on. If it doesn't, plug in the home button and attempt again by holding home and power simultaneously for 30 seconds. If it still doesn't reply back

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I also have the same problem with the same model. I did realize that I had put one of the screws for the battery connection in the LCD display connection which is significantly longer and skinnier than the screw I should have used. The logic board looks unharmed what is the worst case scenario here? And how do I fix it please.


Hi Shawn,

We call that long screw damage and we come across that issue somewhat commonly. You may not be able to see the damage to the logic board, but the damage is able to be seen under a microscope. It tears up the traces underneath the top layer of the logic board inside the screw hole.

As far as repairing; there is the possibility of repairing, however it depends on a lot of factors. Definitely not a job to be done at home, as we have to remove the top layer of the logic board and attempt to rebuild the traces underneath, which are all close to each other ( extremely thin traces). So, it depends on how many traces need to be repaired, and timing depends on the shop that is doing repair. At our shop, we don't prioritize long screw damage, because it takes considerable amount of time and patience. Therefore, it can only be done when there aren't any other devices in the queue.


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