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MacBook doesn't start up

Hi guys i need some help..

after two weeks living without airport and ethernet (i don't know why they fail) my mac doesn't start up, i push the power button and i only see the status led and the display turned off.

the heatsink quickly warms

i tried many things:

i tried to reset the pram and nvram, reset the pmu, change the rams (when i try to turn on the mac without the ram the led blinks), unmount the airport, connect an external display and nothing works

any suggest ?

thanks in advance

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Please tell us about all lights or sounds you get.


i can hear the optical drive and the hdd but it doesn't chime, and i can see the magsafe green led and the status led turned on


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1 Answer

Try one stick of RAM in each of the slots, then do the other one. You're looking for a bad stick or a bad RAM port. Press the caps lock button and tell us what happens. Hows the LED of the MagSafe AC adapter?

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i did that with four sticks, but nothing happens when i hit the caps or num lock and the magsafe led is always green


This could be the Nvidia GPU issue. Please give me the last three letters of your serial number. You may qualify for a free logic board replacement.


my macbook is the mid 2007 model so it have an intel gma 950 gpu


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