Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 plus dead


I'm trying to repair an iPhone 6 plus that's just completely dead. Tried replacing the screen and battery from a working phone but it doesn't turn on. Could it be the U2 1610 IC chip?

Update (08/22/2016)

The phone is connecting to iTunes now (screen stays dead however) and it's in recovery mode but when i try to restore it, just before it finishes i get an error saying it got disconnected.

Update (08/24/2016)

I had a working iPhone from which i was using parts to test on the dead iPhone. Now i assembled the working one again and after turning it on, the screen is just full of lines but it worked completely fine before? Could the screen have become damaged or is it the connector on the logic board or could it be the touch IC chip?

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Its possible that its the U2. What is the device's history? Did you buy it dead? Did it have a drop or water damage? What happens when you connect the phone to a computer? What happens when you do a hard reset?


It is completely dead, doesn't even heat up when i charge it. And the computer doesn't recognize it either. And i have no idea what the history is of the phone, my customer told me that he bought it dead.


NO, its not U2


U2 tristar IC is charging chip right? With the issue diagnosed as this, I don't think it's the U2 and more likely so the power management chip (forgotten the name for it).

Because if it was really just U2 the phone should be able to turn on with a known working iPhone 6 plus battery.


I tried to connect it to itunes today again and now it recognized and it's in recovery mode. The screen however stays completely dead.


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Do not use jewelry cleaner. That is just a joke and do nothing.

First remove the shields from the board, then take photo of the board for record if there is any corrosion.

-Then ultrasonic with sweeping frequency with contact cleaner mixture heated to 65C and run one minute for each side

-After ultrasonic use 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol to bath the board

-Air dry the board

-Oven heat to get rid of the moisture with 275F for 30 minutes. Make sure you have some shields on top and bottom as the heater rails do not hear directly to the board. I use plywood on the top and bottom shelves and place the boards on the middle shelf. That way the board is evenly heat up and some connectors don't get damaged.

If you do not have proper equipments it is just waste of time and money to try.

If on budget, try to buy delrui ultrasonic from China. Good quality with affordable price. Half the cost of name brands with more features.

use Branson EC, MG Chemical Alcohol and distilled water.

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ultrasonic and heat to 120 degrees for 15mins. if not its dead. don't get into replacing chips, its a fool game. even if you are successful the fail rate of IC replacements within 3 months is very high, assuming you warranty your repairs its commercially unattractive to get into this side of the market.

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I mean the LB not the whole phone.


Does 120C enough to melt lead free solder ? hope you kidding here :-)


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