The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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Charging logo but not charging?

This started last week. I noticed my iphone 5s battery percentage wasn't increasing but the lightening charging indicator is coming on!

So after a look around the internet I couldn't find anything the same.

I tried changing the charger to another working one in our house. still the same

I tried doing a reset (holding down the power and home button until the apple logo comes on then releasing)....still nothing.

I tried clearing the phone and fully resetting every, nothing still.

I do keep my phone updated, however this happened long after.

So sounds like the battery right?....

I changed the battery and it charges like a trooper, woohoo!

First thing I notice is that it seems to stay at 100% for too long.

After 2 days it starts to drop to 95% and won't charge again.

So I change the battery again, and it charges again...

Same thing as above.

after fitting the battery the 2nd time around, I charged it for 8 hours as they tell you to when buying a new phone?

but still no joy.

I'm wondering if theirs something you're supposed to do when fitting a new battery?

Or... do you think the board is gone?

Or..just another faulty battery?

Seems funny that they all do the same.

Before all this, my original battery was just fine.

Update (08/02/2016)

Hi, Nothing went wrong with the change over at all. I'm not a repair guy but I'm quite handy with this sort of thing.

I just find it funny how it charges for 2 days then stops.

Unplugging the battery for a few minutes doesn't get it charging again either. the only way to get it to charge is to fit a new battery. almost like it's popping a fuse inside the battery? might be over charging?

If it's not the battery, then the original battery must not have been at fault in the first place.

But still can't understand why it charges when changing the battery.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Sounds like the charging ic chip is faulty in a way. Might want to check if any small little components near the battery connector on the logic board are missing.

Can you take a picture of the battery connector which is next to the small little components? (about 3-5 of them are above the battery connector).

The issue you are having will most likely have to require board level repair of replacing components on the logic board. I'd take it to a repair shop that does board level repairs.

I had a client that had the same issue after they changed the battery themselves once. We replaced battery multiple times, same issue. Then we found out that the client chipped off one of the components above the battery connector. So we took the same component from another iPhone 5 logic board and put it there to fill the missing spot.

Apparently I was told this was a fuse to the battery gauge reading from the battery to the logic board power circuit.


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I realize this is an old post, but it might help someone else.

This might sound silly, but have you checked the inside of the lightning port? I have seen this sort of behavior many times only to discover that the port had compacted pocket lint/dirt/debris inside the port, preventing a reliable charge. You can use a toothpick to gently pull the debris out and then use something like a toothbrush with 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol to clean the port and then see if it’s charging normally. If your iPhone happens to be a black version, the port is also black and sometimes it’s hard to see if there is anything in the port at all as the debris will compact and “mold” itself to the inside of the port, making it very difficult to tell if there is anything in there at all until you give it a gentle scrape and start pulling it out.

The white model ones are much easier as you should be able to look into the port and if you don’t see white at the back of the port, it’s certainly dirty.

Try cleaning your port and see if you get a proper charge. I’d say that 75% of all iPhone charging issues that come into my shop are dirty ports, with the rest being batteries are rarely, the connector itself.

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hello, I also had the same experience with the connector, many times the capacitors are broken inside the charging connector.

considering the low cost and the level of wear that is created with the daily insertion of the cable, I usually replace it to avoid breakdown of the battery and therefore the motherboard.

I do not understand why my answer was voted in a negative way by John @rsj damaging my reputation.


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hello you might try changing the charging connector, if after having replaced the problem remains I think the motherboard may have suffered damage

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Hi, I do not understand why you gave a negative vote to my comment for your help.

in the past I have solved the problems that you had replacing the charging connector, it seemed a good advice as well as being cheap considering the cost 3 - 5 €.

since inside the connector there are capacitors that stabilize the current before the battery to avoid faults.

after you could exclude damage to the motherboard that would be higher than the phone in case you had to buy it new, even in the case of repair are not low costs.

did you solve the problem?


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