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Flickering dots on display

Hi there,

a couple of days ago I suddenly noticed white dots randomly appearing on my MBP's display.



It's even more noticable on dark areas.

My first thought was GPU-related. But since my Mac has two of them (Intel Iris + GeForce 750M), I downloaded gfxCardStatus to switch between them and to my surprise, the issue persists.

Resetting SMC and PRAM didn't help.

Today I connected the MacBook to another display via HDMI and while I'm still getting these flickering dots on the MBP, the screen is perfectly fine on the external display.

Looks like the display is affected.

But since 400 dollars for a new display is a lot, I'd like to see what you guys think. Have you ever had this issue? Could it be anything else than the display?

Thank you.

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6 Answers

Did you solve the issue? I have the exact same model as yours (Retina Mbp 15 w/ 750M) and just noticed my screen is doing the same.

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Hi Joao Costa,

sorry, I forgot to inform you guys that it disappeared months ago, I can't even tell when.

I must have been using El Capitan at that time, now I'm on 10.12.2 and I haven't had any display issues for months. So after all I assume it was a rare software issue and got fixed with one of the many software updates.

Glad I saved my money.

However, what's your macOS version? Sorry I can't be of much help here, but maybe it really is software related (fingers crossed).


10.12.2 as well. I think I will install a different OS and see if my problem persists! Thanks for the quick answer. :)


I have the same model and the same problem. Do you guys think it's a product defect?


Good luck!


Have you tried forcing the integrated GPU (gfxCardStatus) to see if it only happens when your GeForce is in charge (or the other way around)? Also, you could plug in an external display to find out if the flickering is on both displays or the integrated only. Both displays would make me think it's GPU related.

That's at least what I did when I still had that issue.

If the problem still persists even after several software updates, I would assume that either your GPU or your display is affected.


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Wow, this just started happening to me as well. No impact or anything like that happened with my display either, I'm wondering what the problem is. I really hope it's a software issue. :/

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I got the same Issue!

It's a MBP Retina 15" 2014. Flickering Pixels all over the screen.

I think they are mainly white and therefore mainly visible in darker areas.

I tried El Capitan and Os Sierra. It didn't change anything.

They are permanently there, so I think it's a Hardware (Screen?) issue.

Maybe a isolation problem? bad connectors?

can't really find anything about that, it seems to be a rare problem.

please help!

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does your MBP have a dedicated GPU?

If so, you might try the following as mentioned earlier:

1. download gfxCardStatus and force using each of the GPUs alternately. Check if it only happens on one of them.

2. plug in an external display and mirror your screen. If the flickering persists on both displays, it seems GPU related. If it doesn't, I would consider it a display or board/connector issue.

That's what I did back then.

This won't fix anything but it should help you narrow down the problem.


I'm not able to check it on an external Monitor at the Moment, but switching between the GPU's doesn't affect anything.


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I'm experience the same problem. I'm on OS 10.10.5. Are you still having problems or how did you get it fixed?

Please help!

Best regrads,


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Same problem here. I am positive it's either a display problem or a connector problem.

If I connect my Cinema Display, the flickering pixels don't appear on the external display, yet they're still visible on the MacBook Pro's display. The situation doesn't change regardless of which graphic card I use, Iris Pro or 750M.

Has anyone attempted to fix this by himself, or did you contact Apple's assistance? How much did it cost?

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Same issue on an early 2013 15" MBP. Just noticed that if I applied pressure to the hinge above the ESC key that the flickering pixels and lines went away. First time I have been able to "fix" it intentionally and I'm not sure it will last. It has only done this 3 or 4 times since I purchased it and it has been about a year since it last malfunctioned.

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