Issues with battery and fan

For several months my battery has not been charging or holding a charge as it should. Within a few minutes it drops to 0%. So I always have to have the power cord plugged in.

Then within the last month or so my computer makes a loud buzzing noise. It sounds as if the fan is running on high speeds. This occurs even when I have nothing running. And I usually have to wait a while before starting up my computer again to avoid that noise on start up.

I just recently checked under "About this Mac" - and it says my Hard Drive is verified but my battery is in poor condition and has had 722 charge cycles. Which I believe is way over the typical life span of a battery.

To elaborate - the noise is not a high blowing noise but more like a high speed buzzing noise. And it comes from the top right of the keyboard.

Being that I probably would have to replace the battery anyway - should I first see if that will solve the problem? Since maybe the fan and cooling system is trying to compensate for an all but dead battery?

Or should I have Apple take a look at it and see what they say? Do you think it's more serious than the battery?

P.S. I've already tried resetting the SMC - it didn't work.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Okay I bought the battery today - but I just want to verify that the current MBP 15 in batteries will work without any trouble with my older MBP 15 (from 2008).


So I've been using my computer with the new battery. The one improvement is the charge lasts as it should. But I still get the noise from the top right of the keyboard. It typically starts off as a low humming/buzzing sound and then eventually kicks into a loud buzzing noise - no matter if I am an application open or none. Even if I walk away from the computer for 20 minutes I will come back to the loud noise. Sometimes if it falls asleep it will make the noise or I'll go to wake it up and it makes the noise.

Any suggestions before I take it to Apple?


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Buy a new battery

and see if the issue goes away.

I suspect that trying to charge that dead battery is causing the DC board to run HOT, it's next to the CPU on the logic board... That may be causing heat sensors to start your fan, or may have cooked the Thermal Paste causing overheating. OR the right fan could be failing.

Easy fix and the place to start is replacing the battery, blowing dust out the fans on each side (end) of the rear cooling slot.

If that works wonderful, if not you'll have to go inside and think about redoing the thermal paste and maybe replacing the right hand fan. Much more difficult DIY tasks.

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Good Luck,


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Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I pick up a battery tomorrow.

When you say blow dust out of the fans - do you mean to simply blow dust out of the back of the computer near the vents or remove the keyboard to remove dust?

Thanks again


Removing the keyboard is a chore. For now just squirt some canned air through the straw. If that doesn't work you'll have to go inside anyway.


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It is very sad not to have a feedback on this matter. I am trying to repair a friend's old Macbook Pro. I have disassemblied it and changed the thermal paste. Fans seem to be pretty clean and dust-free, however, still the same problem. Fans are super loud right after you push the power button. I have also noticed that the magsafe led stays black, while if I plug the very same magsafe to my own computer, the green light shows up. The old Macbook Pro battery is dead. I also tried to remove it, but it doesn't change anything.

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