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HUGE scratches on 3DS touchscreen. How do I hide/fix this?

My 3DS has scratches all over the middle of the bottom screen. It's really bothering me because it feels different and makes a different sound when I run the stylus over them. Also, all the games I play use the touchscreen over 50% of the time. I don't get how this happened because I have always been pretty careful not to press to hard when playing on my 3DS, and I DEFINITELY would have remembered if I had made those scratches. And when I was younger I pressed REALLY hard on my DSi, yet my DSi only has ONE big/medium scratch that you can barely see while the system is turned on! I have already tried that toothpaste trick and it did nothing. I also tried putting Vaseline over the scratches which covers them for a bit but then it rubs off and I'm back to square one. Buying a new system isn't an option because I already have purchases on my 3DS that can't be transferred. How can I fix this, or at LEAST make the scratches less noticeable? I'd prefer a permanent solution rather than something like the Vaseline thing also.

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What @redterror117 said is a better option. Just try to ignore the scratches.

If you really want to fix this, then you can buy replacement touch screens off ebay fairly cheaply. From there you'll need a '00' phillips game bit (it needs to be tiny) to open up the system. Follow this guide to get it open to the point where you can exchange the touch screen.

Nintendo 3DS XL Touchscreen Replacement

Once you're able to get the lower LCD/touch screen out, just be careful prying the touchscreen from the LCD, it's usually held in place with a strong double-sided tape. Clean off any old adhesive and get ready to add the new stuff on. Once they're apart, take your new touchscreen and place it into the housing (after removing any protection on the new adhesive) and then sit your LCD into place. This should help you get the alignment just right. From there, follow the guide in reverse order.

If you do follow this advise, just take your time and be patient with it.

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I would be concerned that any potential cosmetic fix to the touchscreen would inadvertently affect the performance and accuracy of the touchscreen itself (since toothpaste and other similar products are abrasives, which work by grinding the surface down). I would leave it as it is if it's not causing any issues with gameplay itself, or invest in a screen protector to prevent any further scratches.

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