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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Multiple Problems, possibly display.

Hey everyone,

I have an early 2011 MacBook Pro 15" 2Ghz. And well it's got a lot of issues.


-Lets start with startup. If the battery is installed it won't start up or will go from the apple screen to either a blank gray screen or the blue screen of death.

-The sleep/standby light blinks about 4 or 5 times wether the battery is installed or not.

-The battery won't charge.

-Without the battery installed the computer will start up on it's own once you connect the charger. It will actually start and restart 3 times before it goes into a full startup. If you don't unplug the charger you can shut it down and restart it normally.

-Computer has restarted on its own once fully booted.

-Blue Screen of Death while sitting, and waiting.

Attempted Solutions:

-I of course removed the battery, it helped.

-I reset the pram and smc multiple times

-I tried changing out the MagSafe board.

-Changed out the ram for known working ram

-Changed out the hard drive.

I have ordered a battery and am waiting on it.

With all of these troubles do you believe that these could be related to the graphics issues with the 2011 MacBook Pro's?

Thanks in advance.

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Got the battery today. It helped to solve some of my problems. The battery is currently charging and the sleep light behaves correctly. However it will no longer start up. It goes to the blue screen of death no matter what I attempted to do. Tried Single User mode ran fsck -fy, afterwards it went to a grey screen after the apple start up screen. Upon next startup it went back to the blue screen of death. I am going to make an appointment with Apple for the recall that mayer had suggested.


Got my MacBook Pro back today. They replaced the Logic Board, MagSafe Board, and Battery. I had to pay for the battery. But the MacBook is back to being fully functional.


Apple has a service alert for the graphics card. They are replacing mine for free. I have a late 2011 model of a MacBook Pro 17.


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Take it to an ASP and request they run the test for this recall:

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@mayer - The link is broken :-(


@danj - thanks, fixed


Once I get the battery i'm hoping to try this.



I got my MacBook Pro back today! Apple replaced the logic board, magsafe board, and battery. I had to pay for the battery of course, but she's back to being fully functional!

I thought that may have been the issue, but thank you for backing up my thinking!


Great, congratulations. BTW not all repairs are that easy or cheap but you're way ahead of the game now!


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That does sound like quite a few problems, let's start with the battery and say it's bad, and u ordered a new one so we will wait on the results with that, next u say without the battery it goes through stages of powering on and off and then fully boots, then sometimes will reboot itself or blue screen on u, have u checked to see if this is a heat issue, make sure the fan is not obstructed and is spinning like normal possibly a new fan may be in order, what happened when u tried changing out the MagSafe board as well I'm not sure if that has anything to do with these issues seeing as it will do power on normally and still do all this irregular stuff, and to me it for sure does not sound like a graphics issue, u might check the error codes on the blue screens and fail screen your getting as well

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Just to make sure i'm following you, you're talking about the errors listed in the Console app, correct?

Both fans are not obstructed, and the interior of the macbook was very clean. I am also sure i was the first person to open it. The computer also doesn't heat up much either, i haven't noticed any hot spots as of yet. I should receive the battery on Tuesday. So I will let you know what i find.



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A problem in regards to the battery is evident and it should be replaced. If replacing the battery does not solve this problem my suggestion would be to use a program similar to Window's Whocrashed ( That application should allow you to find if the crashing is heat related, graphics related, or if there is another problem.

I also suggest researching what the blue screen crash codes are as they can be very useful when diagnosing problems.

If this all fails my suggestion is to find a new laptop you like. Your Mac Book Pro may have just reached the end of it'she life span.

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"end of life span" is code for "ta-da-dump, ta-da-dump,

ta-da-dump! dump! dump!" I have an iBook which still works fine, so a MacBook Pro hasn't reached the end of its life span. Refurbish & reuse it.


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