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Touch screen not working


Hi after having an iphone 3g for about 2 years i noticed that areas of the touchscreen were becoming unresponsive. This wasn't much of a problem until earlier today when the touch area where the unlock slider is located stopped working. Now i can't unlock my iphone so it is pretty much unusable. Other then the touch screen becoming unresponsive there are no scratches/dents/breaks in the glass of the iphone screen I am wondering how do i fix this? and what parts would i use?

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Also have same problem, dropped my iPhone 5s and now my touch screen is unresponsive and I can't unlock the phone. My contacts are located on the phone and I would like to get them off before I attempt a factory reset (not sure whether this will fix the screen problem). 3rd party tools like iPhone Rescue and iTunes still require the user to manually trust the connection on the phone which is not possible due to the unresponsive screen. All I'm concerned about are my contacts and I would appreciate any advice on how I can retrieve my contacts from the iPhone.

Tane Man,

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just follow this guide iPhone 3G Front Panel Assembly Replacement

you'll need this part iPhone 3G Front Panel

Product Image

iPhone 3G Front Panel

Touch portion of display. Does not include ear piece speaker and home button. — 41 available at 9.95 each.

Hi pollytintop thanks so much :D but just to be 100% sure if i replace the iphone 3g front panel my touch screen will stop being unresponsive?

Alex Yeo,

unfortunately nothing's 100% sure. you could try a restore on your phone first and then if that doesn't work try digitizer replacement.


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