iPhone 5s weird calling problem

link to youtube video of my phone:


Okay so, I bought this used iPhone 5s today and I found out it has a bizarre problem. It simply has trouble making and receiving calls. In the video you can see that it lags or something when I pressed dial, and once it starts dialing nothing happens (doesnt actually dial).

I should add:

- it receives calls but once the call is answered it will remain vibrating for an extra 10 seconds and nothing happens after.

- the mic and speaker work well as I've tested them on Skype.

- the phone reads the sim card as seen in the top right corner of screen.

- it sends and receives texts perfectly fine.

- 3g/4g works fine.

- I've tried a hard reset and also restored the phone.

- tried a different Sim card.

I'd appreciate if anyone can help!

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Did you check for cell carrier updates? It seems like the phone has been eliminated as the problem. I think. Perhaps a restore from dfu mode. I guess that restores the firmware too.


Hey, yes i have checked for carrier updates and also restored from DFU mode. still have the same problem tho :(


Well, sorry that's all I have.


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