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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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How does the battery charge?

I just purchased an 83 suzuki fa50. It did not come with a battery and am looking to purchase one on the internet. Most of the batteries I find online speak of pouring dangerous battery acid into the battery on a regular basis. I did find one that doesn't require this. But what I really want to know is: how does the battery charge? Do these scooters have alternators?

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Here are the electrical specifications for your scooter.

It has a generator* to provide electrical power to the motor as well as charge the battery. The specifications state that is has a 6V 2AH battery (2AH =7200 Coulombs, that's what the 7.2kC means).

  • Usually generators provide DC output while Alternators provide AC which is rectified to DC output.

Block Image

Here is the link to the service manual for your scooter.

Try getting a SLA type battery - (sealed lead acid, maintenance free) - as long as you don't reach the gassing voltage / cell for it when it is being charged by the generator you should be able to use one and not have to worry about battery maintenance.

I think gassing voltage is approx 2.97V/Cell which equals 8.91V when charging a 6V battery. Check the following link if in doubt or my maths/logic is faulty.

The output of the generator varies from 5.5V at 2300 rpm to 8.7V at 8000 rpm so it just squeezes in.

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The FA50 uses a 6 volt battery for it's lights.

The battery technology is Wet-Cell; the routine maintenance will be required.

There should be a charger that you plug into the wall.

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What battery is best, where do I get it, what about this acid thing, what's a wet cell, what maintenance is required?


I ventured out of my computer proficiency zone here; I watched my dad tweak and charge his scooter just like this one, and these were the only three things I knew...other than wear a helmet and don't stand on the handlebars ;)


@alinorne - Do you think I knew squat about appliance repair before this? But I now answer most of the questions on it. Pick a subject no one is giving answers to and do the work, become an expert. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


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They have magnetos that is how I believe mine charges it

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