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TarDisk SD Drive Expansion Removal after over inserting

I purchased a TarDisk SD Card drive expansion upgrade. When I inserted it, the drive did not appear to mount. I removed it and re-inserted it, this time pressing more firmly to be sure it seated completely. Unfortunately, I over-inserted it by about 2mm and now cannot remove it.

The TarDisk did mount, and technically they are not intended to be removed after they are paired, but I'm curious if it is possible to open the computer and some how push the SD card back out slightly. I looked at a couple of your repair guides and based one what I saw, I'm not optimistic.

Please let me know.

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The company recommends using the edge of a credit card to pry the TarDisk Pear out.


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Thanks. I was aware of that approach. This situation is unique. More details in the next post down.


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The length of the TarDisk, varies to match the depth of your SDXC port. Here is a chart. There is also software to determine which model you need.

From the comment above, it appears that your MacBook Pro 15" Unibody late 2013 has a 22mm deep SD port and you may have inserted a 18mm long TarDisk.

To remove the TarDisk you have in there now, you can probably make a tool out of a thin paper-clip. You would need to bend an "L" shape into the paper clip, stick it into the slot and rotate it 90 degrees to catch the lip. Using metal to remove the TarDisk will/may cause damage, but if you are careful you should be ok.

TarDisk.com has a support chat on the website -- work with them to help make the tool.

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Thanks for the detailed reply. I have since figured out that I received the wrong TarDisk. The one I received was for a 13" MacBook Pro, whereas I have a Late 2013 MB Pro Retina. I suspect the depth difference you describe is why I was able to over insert it. Bummer. Feel like a dumb ass.

I actually have a set of dental pick tools, one of which is a nice rigid hook, and have not yet been able to remove it. I'm doing my best not to damage or scratch the TarDisk because I'd like to exchange it.

Still wondering if I could somehow or another "push" the TarDisk out of the slot if I were to crack open the laptop case. Just not sure if the SD slot is fully enclosed inside the computer, or if there might be some open space or slot where I could push the SD card out from it's port from inside.

I don't have the required pentalobe tool to crack open the case, otherwise I would check it myself. I'll purchase the tool if it's possible to push the TarDisk out, but don't want to bother if it's not possible.


I'm happy to report that I was able to remove the TarDisk using a couple of dental picks to gently pry it out. I did this with the power off and only touched the aluminum edges of the TarDisk. Was able to get it out without marring it up.

Have confirmed with the company that the 13" version is in fact different and they will be sending me out a replcement after I return this one (with a small re-stocking fee as I made the mistake with an errant click while ordering).

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


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