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Problems with SSD and HD

Hi, I am having problems since long time ago when I am working with my SSD and HD together. This is my history. I hope I can fix this problems finally with your help. Thanks in advance.

MacBook Pro 9.2 (13", mid 2012)

2,9 GHz Intel Core i7

8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Boot ROM: MBP91.00D3.B0C

SMC: 2.2f44

Two years ago I remove my super drive and I installed a Crucial M4 128Gb where I installed the system and apps and I kept the genuine 750Gb HD in the main bay for my data.

I don't remember when I started with my problem, continuous freezing beach balls, but I started with them when I had Mountain Lion. At first I thought it would be a software issue so I did it format and I installed Yosemite but the problems appeared again the first day. I have good days with maybe 4 or 5 freezing during 20 secs or bad days with freezing each 10 minutes. Apple Hardware Test said everything was ok.

I started to think the problem was the SSD.

15 days ago I bought a new SSD, a Samsung 850 EVO (500Gb) and the things got messy.

I removed the Crucial SSD and I installed the HD in its place (Optical Bay). I installed El Capitan and the apps in the SSD (Main bay) and I set my data in the HD.

Before I bought the new SSD, I had the Crucial SSD in the optical bay and the HD in the main bay. When I installed the Samsung SSD, I switched them the bay.

By the way, I think the genuine 750Gb HD is Sata II (3Gb/s) but I am not entirely sure.

During two days everything was working perfectly. Then I shut down it and after two hours, when I turn it on the problems appeared again but this time worst.

Freezing beach balls all the time with every click. I couldn't do anything.

I was trying it with no success. One day after I started to get this errors when I tried to load the system.

Block Image

Sometimes I achieved to get the logging screen but weird things happened. My user disappeared and I only could log in with the guest account.

I got this Kernel Panic too. There are 3 images but it's the same kernel panic.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Three days ago, I removed the HD of the optical bay and I left only the SSD in the main bay. I reinstall El Capitan again and since then all is working good. No freezing beach balls and nothing.

Now, I think I have to install the HD in the optical bay again and check if still is working good for a few days because I know sometimes is working good during two days and then it crashes and the problem starts again.

I am lost, I don't know the origin of the problem but it's getting me crazy.

I know this post is so long but I wanted to explain since the beginning.


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Replace the Hard Drive/IR cable with a new one. Examine the cable where it comes over the top and note where the bottom cover has hit it. After replacing the cable put pads on either side of it to prevent the bottom from hitting it. Run Disk Utilities from one drive on the other drive (you do have a system on both drives).

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Hi Mayer. First of all, thanks for your answer.

Do you think the HD cable is the problem?

I am using the MBP with the SSD only in the main bay since three days ago without problem so I am not sure about whether the issue is.

Anyway you are the expert here, not me. I only ask you to understand it.

After some days working well, now I was thinking to keep only the SSD inside the MBP but this time in the optical bay instead the main drive to check if it works good as well. What do you think about it?



If I didn't think it was he cable, I wouldn't have suggesting replacing it. Did you examine it?


Hi Mayer, any idea what can I do?



I have had problems with that screw also. Use a screw driver with a top that turns so you can press down with one hand and turn with the other. Use a #000 Phillips. The cable get damaged when the bottom case hits it just as it is going over the last step. Also your SSD should be in the hard drive bat as this BUS is faster than the optical drive BUS.


Thanks! I could get out the screw finally. I am going to order the new cable and I will let you know. I thought both bays have the same speed, 6gb/s


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I've examined the cable but I could not unmounted it fully because one screw was bad and I don't know why because it's was the first time I try to unmount that part.

I show you in this image.

Block Image

On the other hand I am not sure what part did you tell me it would be damaged.

I have checked all parts of the cable but I didn't realize about whether any part was hit.

Block Image

Please, if you can explain me again where I have to check I will be able to check it again and upload a photo for you.

About my previous answer, sorry, it's true that if told me about the cable, obviously you think that is the problem but why now, with only a SSD installed in the main bay all is working perfecly?

Thanks for your time.

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Sorry, but you told me this: The cable get damaged when the bottom case hits it just as it is going over the last step.

What last step? Do you talk about this marked area?

Block Image


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