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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Replace Late 2013 iMac LCD panel with a 4k one


I have a 21.5'' Late 2013 iMac Model A1418 (EMC 2742).

Is too %#*@ slow because of the 5400RPM HDD in order to use it for daily computing so I'm only using it as a monitor for my Late 2013 rMBP (target display mode).

I really want a 4k display in my household and I'm seeing two options:

1. buy another 4k monitor

2. mod my iMac to add 4k screen

I am aware that I cannot just replace the LCD with the 4k one because the 4k one has thicker cables which don't fit my iMac motherboard connector.

Yer I'm thinking it should be possible to add a 4k display to my Mac using a different approach: convert one of the external thunderbolt ports to a MiniDP port input connected directly to the LCD eDP connector.

If I want to use my iMac as a computer I then just add a thunderbolt cable from the seconds TB port to my modded port with DP input.

If I want to use it as a monitor I just connect an external PC or whatever to the mDP input.

I really need some technical advise from someone to make sure my idea would work.

Could someone please help?


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If you alter the system its self you'll never be able to resell it. Mod'ing tends to kill the systems resale value. I wouldn't do it, as there are other options than trashing your system.

How about just getting a newer system that meets your needs and selling yours. Try to locate a used system if you can. That way you aren't paying the premium of a brand spanking new system!

The other option here is to get an external Thunderbolt chassis to house a good graphics card and then push an external high def 4K or 5K screen.

The other problem you're facing here is the graphics services in this system just can't push a 4K display effectively (GeForce GT 750M with 1 GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM). While it works it just can't keep up with high speed action. You really want a system with something like a AMD Radeon R9 M290X with 2 GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM.

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well, i want the same, but dont use 4k monitor , The graphic card ( i think the gt 750m) well can support it , but things like playing videos can produce some lag, the connector are the same so no problems whit that, the fit the same, If you dont go to play intensive games do it, but pls take a photos, and upload it.

I recommend to pucharse a burned imac 4k and get out the pannel and install in this.

Update (09/17/2016)

Another option mi friend is Pucharse a Akitio Thunder2 PcieBox ( oficially dont suport gpus but well thats bull**** because there is rivals whit high prices ( COF COF MAGMA, BIZON) but well, pucharse and install a good gtx 1060 or even 1070 ( no 1080 because the cpu go to botlleneck), pucharse a power supply of 500w and install it and enjoy it whit a 4k external monitor, and the other port a good sdd of 800mb/s of write/read would to be ok

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