Portable wireless speaker with a built in microphone. Released January 27th, 2014.

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Why does my speaker turn itself off?

When connected to my mp3 player via auxilary cable my speaker switches itself off after 10 to 30 min. Is there anything that can be fone to fix it?

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Same problem here, (stops playing after exactly 10 minutes, even when used with the AC adapter plugged in) but I solved it by not plugging power in through the AC adapter, but directly to the usb port of the MacBook. Can't explain why, but it works for me.


still cuts out using usb port. each time sound cuts out you must press the button once and you hear sound for split second, then again, you hear the loud beeps and then hope it stays on. terrible design and no help from JBL


Same problem(Turn off after 10min) with my onbeat venue LT. Seems that same problem in all JBL's BT products.


I had the same problem with my on stage 4, and then I realised that when I put the volume (of the comp or iPhone connected via aux) on max it doesn't turn off. you need to control the volume only from the jbl speaker and leave the input device on max volume!


I had the same problem and traced it to a bluetooth problem. If other nearby devices had bluetooth enabled ,(phone, Ipad, Samsung Tab) speaker cut out every time a message or post was received. Switching off bluetooth on other devices solved the problem.


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According to the specs it has a rechargeable battery which is charged via the USB port. It also says that it has 5 hours play time depending on volume level and audio content. It takes 3 hours to charge.

Most MP3 players do not supply power to external devices, so it will powered by its' own battery.

It may simply be that the battery is not fully charged or it is faulty and not fully charging.

Suggest that you plug in the USB charging adapter that came with it, leave it on charge for 3 hours, then try it and see how long it lasts.

If it still behaves the same as before check your warranty expiry date and request a refund/replacement if still in warranty

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This my second JbL flip unit. This one does the same as last one . It shuts off. sometimes it will come back on by itself . Other times I have to shut the flip off and turn it back on , then the music plays . I never use the battery, I have it plugged into the wall at all times. Any suggestions ???


Hi, Just trying to clarify. When you say it shuts off, do you mean it powers off or that the music just stops playing? If it just means that the music just stops then perhaps, being Bluetooth, you may be moving out of range with the music source. Bluetooth only has a range of approx. 10 metres (33'), less if there a 'barriers' in between the source and the player. Barriers could be things like large metal objects (fridges, even walls reduce the signal strength) or electrical devices emitting high EMR (electro-magnetic radiation).

Try, if you can, placing the speaker or music source in a different location entirely and see if the problem still occurs.


I'm having the same problem with my Flip and I'm working from a stationary position projecting Bluetooth from my phone to the speaker from a distance of only 12 feet. After around 5 minutes, the speaker simply (repeatedly) shuts itself off and must then be powered off and then back on to create sound. The phone indicates that the Bluetooth connection is stable and good, the Flip is plugged into the AC outlet and the blue light remains on. Any thoughts as to the problem with the speaker?


Hi Michael Dennehy,

Can you try using it connected via a stereo audio cable to the aux socket? If it stays on it suggests that it is may be more of a Bluetooth problem, probably with the speaker unit but at least the problem is being narrowed down. If it behaves the same as with the Bluetooth connection it suggests that it is perhaps more of a power problem.


I have the same issue. When connected to my Mp3 via cable the unit plats the music for approx 5-10 mins then cuts the audio. The speaker stays powered but the audio is cut. I have to turn the unit off and on again for it to play. It then does the above procedure again and again. Ideas anyone please??


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It only happen over Bluetooth connectivity. And also only when you play the music considerably low. If you play the music louder as compared to normal it will not happen until and unless the battery is low. To fix this play the music louder. And ofc it isn't possible in all conditions. If you want to play the music low and not have it turn off use an AUX cable to connect the speaker with your Apple/Android. Then is it will not happen no matter how low the volume it. Be sure to reduce the sound of the speaker from the speaker it self and inc volume from your phone. Otherwise there will be a Buzz irritating sound.

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I have JBL Xtreme but when I play music all the volume it trun off when I charge my speaker it can not turn off I dont know why


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This problem just started for me a few days ago.

I though to myself "whats different?"

Well, I'm playing the music over AUX cable now.

I tried to conect my phone via bluetooth and oddly enough, every time the music stopped(speaker still on, music still playing on PC.) I made a sound with my phone and the music from the pc came back.

I think this might be a battery saving bug. They do say that if the speaker does not play music for 10 minutes it will enter power saving mode. Maybe it doesnt realize that there are epic tunes coming in from via AUX.

Sent JBL an email about this. maybe they will respond ^_^


JBL response:

''Please try to reset the speaker by doing the following:

While the speaker is on, press and hold the Power and the Volume - buttons.

As soon as the speaker turns off, you can turn it on to fully reset the speaker. ''

I worked for me. the speaker has been on all day :)

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After doing this reset procedure, the volume came out of the speaker a little louder, then I reduced iPod Nano volume to 50%. After 4 minutes it turned off. I raised the iPod to 75% volume and it played for 15 minutes. Reduced again to 50% and it has been playing for 25 minutes.


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This is not a fault and has nothing to due to battery, volume, AC adapter or.... The cause of the problem is unsuccessful connection.

To solve this problem, choose one of these:

1- Turn on headphone before Bluetooth of your device(lap, pc, phone, ...). Then turn on your headphone and wait for the green flashing lights turn off and stay the blue lights only.

2- Or- after connect, don't play music. First disconnect headphone Bluetooth on your device (any device such as Lap, Pc, Phone,...) then reconnect it , and wait for the green flashing lights turn off and stay the BLUE LIGHT only.

the problem is solved!

Now you can listen to music as long as the battery is not empty.

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