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Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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HD is having problems

Thinking of trying my hand replacing the 1TB HD too as it seemed to be dying yesterday.

Just over 2 years old no longer under guarantee.

But wondering if Apple Store will do a replacement.

Has anyone investigated the cost? Will they even do it? Here in France they wont give you quotes over the phone and it's a week before I can get an appointment.

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The disk had bad blocks . I'm replacing it at the Apple Store. For those interested, it cost about €180 ($200) for new 1Tb and replace ONLY IF you don't want the old disk. Takes about 5 days. If you want to keep the old disk it costs an extra $100 !! Why? Because Apple return the disk to the manufacturer for a refund! They wiped and repartitioned the disk in front of me, so I guess that's something. Had I known though I would have zeroed out the data beforehand. I'll probably change a few passwords to be on the safe side. The new disk is guaranteed for 3 months. Assuming all goes well it's worth giving them $100, the net extra over doing it myself, for the risk of damaging the screen.


I'm happy it all worked out for you Gabe ;-}


Final update: in fact they did the repair and emailed me in 24 hrs. Showed me it was working at the store. Said they tested SSD too and it was OK. At home I reinstalled from Time Machine which took about 5 hrs over USB3. Now working really fast - like new - much faster than it has been for many months, let alone at time of major failure. Very pleased. Apple Store experience excellent (much better than last time a few years ago), staff super friendly, efficient, informed. Repair very good, no obvious sign of damage or difference (I didn't check before). If I run my fingernail from the aluminium bezel onto the screen it catches on a slight height difference and I can push the screen back into place with pressure, but I can't be certain it wasn't like that before. Slight peeve about not being able to keep old disk without charge. Cost a little over $200.


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Apple may have an extended warranty for your system I would start there. If not, review the IFIXIT guide on replacing the HD it's a bit of work and you do need the proper tools as you can kill your display if you're not careful! You may end up wanting Apple or someone with the skills & tools to do it for you.


You'll need to break the fusion drive set before you remove the HD if you are planning on still trying to use the drive externally. The systems firmware & OS know the drive by its GUID drive ID so hooking it up externally can create confusion when you have a new drive hooked up internally. You don't need to worry about the SSD.

Are you sure your drive is going? It maybe you just don't have enough free space on it (1/4 ~ 1/3 free) and/or the drive is fragmented. While the OS does try to not fragment things it can't really solve this when you are upgrading apps & OS as they tend to reuse the same locations and need more space as well. How about creating a bootable external drive (USB thumb drive 16GB or larger) so you can run Disk Utility to check the drive for any errors first (repair both the permissions & disk). Then download this app or something like it: Disk Doctor to clean out the logs & caches. Lastly I would get this: Drive Genius it will defrag the HD and other useful tools.

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Thanks Dan, I'll see what they say at Apple Store, then maybe try my hand but the screen does look tricky! It's also a fusion drive and I didn't see a guide for fusion replacement specifically. Will look again though.

Edit OK I see on the teardown that the SSD is separate and at the back somewhere, so I guess I don't need to worry about that. I do want to make sure I'm using a compatible HD though.


Other than no noise, bears hallmarks of a failing drive. Early to fail but…

came on quickly. iMac working fine, then webpage wouldn't load, Chrome froze, Cmd Alt Esc didn't work, Finder froze, had to restart with button. It was a bit longer than that, but that was the general progression.

Restart hung, I re-restarted ended up on a black screen, with a basic menu, inaccessible as mouse & keyboard weren't responding. Later normal login, on new account total freeze, rinse and repeat.

Earlier I repaired permissions and verified (booted off the same disk). Tried cloning disk with Super Duper, blocked on a voice file, which I deleted, it blocked when it got to Mail. SuperDuper were convinced it was a failing drive.

An hour for each restart cycle I feel the next time it will break for good. Might try booting off an external disk, as you suggest, FWIW. I don't think it's too full (2/3) - most files are kept on 10 TB of external disks.

Very hot and humid here, TimeM running constantly, so might be a factor.


Have now tried booting from external USB3, from a new Install OSX Yosemite download, and I can boot OK. Repaired permissions - there were a few things there - and verified the disk - nothing showed up there. Tried rebooting again normally - now just a black screen and beachball. So basically even if I could download Disk Doctor and Drive Genius (which I can't because I don't have a credit card for the country I'm in), I'd never manage to get them to run. Oh wait, as I'm typing, my Finder has appeared (after 10 min wait) and is loading very slowly, window by window. Now trying to delete new user I created, taking forever. Ready to throw the towel in on this. Each operation is taking a good hour. I could try target disk mode, but would need to buy a Thunderbolt cable for that, which is the cost of a new drive.


Try stopping TimeMachine if it's running for now it's stealing to much of your CPU's cycles. If your lucky it's on the menu bar otherwise you'll need to get to the control panel in preferences.


Stopping Time Machine was the first thing I did, thanks. I meant that having TM running constantly over the last 2 years may have contributed to the demise of the disk.


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