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iPhone 5 loose charging socket

It only charges if I hold the 8-pin lightning connector in a certain angle. I have tried changing the 8-pin connector and the charger but the problem doesn't change. It is getting worse each week. What is the best tutorial or procedure to solve it?

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Thanks for helping, Rany, but I think that I didn't explain it properly.

I've never replaced any part of the iphone itself so far. When I mentioned "hold the connector in angle" I meant that I have to hold the 8 pin connector and press it slightly up in order to make it work and start charging. I believe that the contact area of the charging port is dirty or any connection is loose inside. Is there any tutorial for solving it?

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Power off, straighten a paper clip and VERY GENTLY poke inside the charging dock. If something is stuck inside, pry it out. Note that if not done gently, you can damage the prongs inside! Use a flash light to see better. Then use a toothbrush and 90%+ alcohol to clean the port. Let dry and test.

If it's clean but it still acts out, replace it. There's a guide for lightning/charging dock replacement as well as parts and tools here on iFixit.


Cleaning using the toothbrush was a good tip. i did it but didn't help. I've found the guide you mentioned. I'll replace the dock. Thank you very much.


At the end, I tried to again using a paper clip and I removed some thin dirt from inside the charging dock. It worked!


Careful cleaning with a paperclip solved my problems as well.

i kept having to lightly “wiggle” the lightning connector in just the right spot for it to register a connection, so naturally i thought the contacts on the lightning port were wearing out. Nope, it was just a ton of dust and dirt in the port. Simple fix, thanks for the idea.


Thank you Rani!!! I used the paper clip and sure enough dust particles were the culprit. My phone works perfectly now. FYI.. Considering my phone worked using only the paper clip technique, I never had to revert to Step 2- toothbrush cleansing.


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That's very strange, unless the issue is something else, such as USB IC (U2). Hope you have a valid back up on your computer or iCloud. If not, back up ASAP, one way or the other.

Then my advice would be to take it to a reputed/trusted repair shop and have them look at it, to save you from buying more parts for testing.

My guesses:

Either the replacement charging dock is defective. That happens a lot.

Or you installed it wrong.

Or the issue is something else completely, such as your charging and data sync circuit (U2 USB IC as we commonly call it) being defective. The part about charging at an angle puzzles me, otherwise your issue as described (where replacing the charging dock doesn't solve it) indicates charging circuit slowly giving away in my opinion.

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