Apple released the MacBook Pro 15" Unibody with a new aluminum upper case machined from a single aluminum block.

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Do I need to replace my logic board?

Ok, I have a MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2010 (6,2). Model A1286. The video started to jitter a little on screen & a minute later the screen went black. Now when I try to start up, the screen is black but a faint light is seen, sleep indicator is off, I can hear the CD drive engage. No startup chime was heard, but I heard it when I reset my PRAM.

I connected to an external monitor & after a minute after starting, laptop screen is still black, but external monitor is lit up grey with tiny vertical line pattern.

From what I have read here, it sounds like my video is shot. Does anyone know if I just need to replace the logic board, or can I replace the graphics on the existing board? Let me know what my options are, please. Any input is appreciated. My logic board # is 820-2565-A

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I just picked up my Mac from the Apple Store. Free Repair! It only took a couple of days & there were no hassles. I think if you have a dent or evidence of damage, they won't touch it. Fortunately, mine is in good shape. I cleaned it up real good & they took it-no problem. I'm impressed! I don't know of any other company that would fix a 4 year Old Laptop under a warranty. Thanks for the help from all!

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Uhhm let's not go singing Apple's praises yet, it's because they knew that these were $@$* to begin with!! It took them years, 20,000 people signing petitions and class action lawsuits for them to even acknowledge there was a problem. Thousands of people gave up and threw their $2700 computers away, buying new expensive replacements to continue their work, months to years before Apple ever announced a repair program, and that is a tragedy.

But I am VERY GLAD to hear that they resolved it for you and that in the end you have a working machine!!


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That is your DC in board model number, not your logic board. I would bet my life savings by the wifi cable you read 820-2850 and if that is the case this board is a nightmare and there is no fixing it besides tossing it into your nearest furnace. I fix hundreds of these boards a month and this one is just a total nightmare.

Duke from chipmasters says replacing C9560 with a standard poly 330uf fixes the issue but I've never had such luck, but it is worth a try if you really want to save the machine. He is thousands of times more knowledgeable than I ever will be, so it is worth trying based on that alone.

Just don't buy a replacement board that is five years old and just as close to death as yours. There are no new logic boards for five year old machines, these come out of other people's machines that may have been used harder than yours throughout their lifetime, which means it will die months after you buy it.

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s for the info. It is all good advice. I made a mistake in my original post. It is a Mid-2011 model, not a Mid 2010 model. I should have double-checked before I posted. So it is a four year old machine.

I'll take a look at the logic board number again.

I looked up the serial number on There is an extended repair notice on this model. There was a link to a page on the Apple Web site regarding this issue.

I called Apple support & it appears they will fix this at no charge, according to the person on the phone. I will report back after I take it to the Apple Store this afternoon to verify that they will repair it at no cost. Thanks for the help & I'm sorry that I misstated my model year. I thought for sure it was a 2010 model. Thanks again!


Make sure you &&^& it up good before you take it to Apple. If it doesn't malfunction right in front of them while running their "test" which is not intensive to a BlackBerry storm, much less a powerful laptop GPU, they will send you packing. Furmark that machine in a hot area for a week or two before you bring it to Apple. Apple doesn't stand behind their products or their extended warranties, they will look for any excuse to not help you - so don't give them one!


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