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How much work would it be to convert a 2009 to 2010?


So I have my 2009 MBP 17" here and it needs repair. However, it's sitting here dead. I still have it but I never repaired it yet. The reason for this is it's 6 years old and I really cannot buy the parts I need. I've mentioned this before too.

Since I clearly can't find 2009 parts that easily(and even if I could they're still well loved or cost more then another 2009) I have a better idea. I'll see about converting my "2009" MacBook Pro to a "2010" model. This seems like the easiest way out of my issue, especially since first generation Intel core i series processors are still very good chips. The onboard video this generation is crap, but these have dual video systems.

Now, I know I need a battery and hard drive too. I also need the bottom cover and screws. I may also take the opportunity to install a BD-R drive in the laptop too. That's up for debate though. The hard drive has 88/100 reallocated sectors, so I'd plan on replacing it too.

How much would it cost to get the 2010 motherboard and battery to do the transplant and will I need to change anything else in the computer? It seems like a 2010 transplant will be the easiest since it's only a new year newer then what I have now. However, if I was going from a 2009 to a 2011 I would essentially need to rebuild my machine. Not to mention if my video card died I'm screwed. For this reason I'd prefer to do a 2009->2010 swap.

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Too much work and not worth it.

You can just buy a 2010 machine that works for $700 or $800.

Or you could torture yourself buying a motherboard, a wifi card, a wifi cable, a new webcam, a new webcam cable, a new lcd back cover to fit the different wifi antenna and webcam.... don't go down this &&^&@@ up road. Please.

You have to rebuild your laptop anyway. 2009 to 2010 will require rebuilding. 2009 to 2011 will only require you get a new battery in addition to everything I mentioned prior. Also you'll need a BGA rework machine to replace that &&^&@@ up AMD graphics chip every three to six months as it dies.

This will end in a nightmare because every step of the way you will be buying a used part pulled out of a broken computer on eBay or Amazon or PBM, and with each purchase is the risk they send you the wrong $@$*, or a dead part, or something that winds up turning this entire job into a nightmare.

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I was hoping this was as easy as a new motherboard and battery(and a KB. The domes are starting to fail.) to bring my 2009 back for a passable amount to make it happen. My plan B was to use this for a parts machine and clone my old drive to a new one. The drive in it now has 88/100 bad sectors so the drive needs to go too. The only part(s) left worth a thing are the Unibody(with a new KB) and the LCD. DVD drive is flaky. I'm not buying a 2011 Pro. I'd rather avoid that AMD video card nonsense.


You are looking at replacing every part in a six year old computer. It's time to buy another one. :(


I have found 2009 boards new from Powerbook Medic but the problem is the C2D MBP is 6 years old and anything left is NOS boards or it's refurb boards that died and were repaired by Apple. It's that or it's been repaired in a garage or came from a crappy 2009 like mine. Not going down that road for parts. As I said I'm better off moving up to a Core i series 17"(hence my hope this is possible). I should also note putting this off got me a Haswell laptop. I'd get another Mac for things that need it at the most.


New motherboard for a six year old discontinued laptop? Sounds like a bunch of BS to me! But when you look at the results.. yeah no surprise there.

Don't spend more than $300 on a board for this, anyone calling it new is selling recycled refurbished trash or used old $@$* and calling it new to collect top dollar on it which is shameful. There are NO new sources to MCP79 based motherboards!!!


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