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Can I use a different logic board in my MacBook Pro

I recently spilled a drink on my MacBook Pro system. Now I always get the grey/white screen and it takes a really long time to start up (30-45 mins sometimes longer).

I think that replacing the logic board might be a good option since I can't afford a new one. I read somewhere online that all MacBook Pro with model number A1286 use the same logic board.

So my question is:

If this is indeed possible what is the latest/newest logic board I can put in my 15-inch Late 2008 2.4 GHz MB470LL 820-2532 A1286 system?

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Well your choices are limited within the series of your system. So if we look at this listing: MacBookPro5,1 Series. These are the ones you can swap parts around with.

The fact you are able to get the system to boot up at all may not be as bad as needing a new logic board!

Are you up to working on your system? Do you have the needed tools and work area? You'll need an ESD mat and wrist strap as you will likely need to take the logic board out to clean it.

What I suspect here is the HD controller logic, cable or HD is not able to communicate so it has to re-try a lot to get the data in or out of the systems logic board. So what we need to do here is clean things up and see where things are.

You'll need some distilled water (not tap!), Isopropyl alcohol 85% or better, cotton swabs (Q-Tips), a soft paint brush and toothbrush, and lastly, a can or two of can'ed air.

What you'll need to do is take your system apart so you can identify what areas need cleaning

Use the soft brush and can'ed air to clean off the loose dust buildup.

Then using the swabs with the distilled water wash down the areas being careful not to pull anything off when there is discoloration or clear spillage.

If needed use the tooth brush but be very careful with it as it an be to aggressive.

After you clean off the areas go over it again with some fresh distilled water and lastly go over it again this time with the Isopropyl alcohol which will help remove any oils and act as a drier to help remove the distilled water.

Use the can'ed air again to blow out any wetness. Let the parts dry a good day in the warm sun. If you see any part that can't be cleaned you'll need to replace it., that may include the HD.

Let us know how it goes! Good Luck

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You can't put newer in because it won't physically fit and your wifi card/cable won't support newer boards. You have the newest you can put into that casing. If it still works but doesn't boot it could just be a destroyed drive. Tell me if the fans spin really high - if this is the case the slowness could be caused by a malfunctioning sensor which gives hope that the board itself is not gone. The board clocks itself down to incredibly slow speeds when a sensor is messed up. It is possible your spinning drive just coicidentally died, it is time for that to happen since it is six years old.

If you had a 2010 machine, you could replace the board to a 2012 model by replacing the battery and jerry rigging the LVDS cable in there, but you don't, you have a 2009 machine, so not much upgrading there.

For a real upgrade, if we manage to save your board, get two Crucial MX100 SSDs, they're dirt cheap now. $400 for two 512 GB models for a terabyte of storage. Then put them in RAID 0. You will get combined read/write of over 1 gigabyte per second. This will kick the crap out of any noticeable difference you would get from changing the motherboard. If your machine is from 2009 it probably has one of those POS fujitsu 120 gb drives, I can peddle around my neighborhood to the newspaper stand and pick up data faster than that piece of junk. It doesn't matter what processor you put in there, the real bottlenbeck will be storage.

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