My fan cable connector broke - help!

I tried replacing my keyboard since I spilled water on it and a bunch of keys shorted. In the process of removing the fan connector cable I broke the bracket off the logic board. One of the four tiny metal rectangles on the logic board where it connects is now stuck to the cable. Although less vital, my camera / right speaker cable also popped off. All of its tiny metal brackets on the logic board remain in tact, however. Can these cable connectors be soldered back on?

If so, any suggestions as to where I can have this done - no one in my area does soldering like this.

If the metal socket or whatever it is can't be put back on the logic board, what are my options, short of buying a new logic board (at which point I'd just get a new computer). Is there an external fan that might work?

UPDATE: I found a guy near me who was able to help me out! He soldered the fan cable connector and right speaker / subwoofer back on. The speaker / subwoofer works, even after I popped off the bracket - he rewired it from the trace (not sure this is proper terminology, but it's the basic gist of what he said). The fan works but seems noisy, and after I close my laptop, it continues to turn off and on, which it never did before I undertook the keyboard repair.

The camera cable connector is still not working, though. He took a look at it under a microscope and said the prongs don't appear bent, and tried reconnecting it, but without success. So now my keyboard backlight, wifi, and camera don't work. Without wifi the laptop's fairly useless to me, so I'm considering selling it for parts if I can't figure out how to get the camera cable to work. Wahhh :(

UPDATE: I read somewhere (I can't find the source anymore) about someone who had a similar problem with their camera cable connector, and they took a toothbrush to it and it worked. I tried this, figuring I had little to lose. On the first attempt, my computer detected the camera and wifi but was really slow - it seemed like the connection kept cutting in and out. I turned my computer off again and tried a second time. This time it didn't work. On the third attempt, I massaged with a toothbrush (on both the cable-end and the connector on the logic board) and then I took a tiny piece of electrical tape and secured the connector to the logic board. IT WORKED! At least it's worked for the last 16 hours or so, including after I restarted my computer. The keyboard backlight still doesn't work, but that may not be related to this problem, and I can live with it.

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Old Turkey may or may not be accepting this type of repair. Contact hime by email, he's mhos profile:


Try to find a shop where they repair iphones. A tech there can surely solder the connectors on the board.


@ emmaxfeldman - Congrats! sounds like your working again (at least as far as you want to go), Give your self some credit here, mark the a question resolved.


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MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Fan Replacement

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