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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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What is the code "F"

my front loaded Kenmore Elite HE3T. it is trying to drain the water & keeps draining & a flashing beeping F shows on the screen. It does not spin. what can I replace to eliminate THAT?

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The F35 error code indicates an analog pressure sensor error. The analog pressure sensor is the component that detects water level in the washer tub. This error can usually be cleared but it will occur again if the main control board still detects a problem with the signal from the analog pressure sensor. This error code can be caused by a problem with the air pressure tube between the bottom of the washer tub and the analog pressure sensor. If you are able to unplug the washer and check this air pressure tube, you may be able to resolve this problem. The analog pressure sensor can be accessed by pulling off the top panel of your washer. Remove the screws at the very back of the top panel and then pull it back slightly and then up and off of the washer. With the washer unplugged, check the connection of the air pressure tube to this component. Check the entire air tube down to its connection to the bottom of the washer tub. You will likely need to remove the back panel of the washer to check the entire air pressure tube. If you find a kink, tear, hose or loose connection in the air pressure tube, then this is the likely cause of your F35 error code. If the air pressure tube appears to be okay, then you will likely need to replace the analog pressure sensor. If the problem still exists after replacing this component, then the main electronic control board for the washer will need to be replaced. If you are not completely confident in your technical ability to safely access and check these components, I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair the washer.

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Not sure I understand how the "F35' code relates to the "F " code, it is quite possibly the cause. I would check the filter just behind the bottom panel. I found a comb and other junk in the filter probably blocking the water flow. The bottom panel can be removed by using a metric socket 7mm three screws near the bottom. After removing all three screws just pull outwards on the front bottom panel. Inside you will see a dial which loosens by twisting counter clockwise. Clean out the plastic filter and put everything back together. Search YouTube HE3 if you want to see a video of this process. Could be other places blocking the water exit or as already mentioned some kind of air pressure issue.

Update to previous response, the error code is a little tricky to read it displays the "F " first and then alternatively flashes the second part of the code like "06" which you may mistaken for how many minutes are left. A common code for your issue might be F06 when combining the two parts of the code. A washer stopping just before the high spin cycle could indicate a MCU board issue, bad connection to the board in the top of the machine, bad connectors or even a motor issue. Having the correct code will help narrow down your particular issue.

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