Digital to Analog Converter "no signal" error


I have two identical Access HD DTA1030 converter boxes for my OTA TV viewing. This has been helpful in the troubleshooting of my current problem.

Initially, one of the units was having intermittent power problems and finally just quit and would not power up. Because I have the other unit and the other power supply I was completely confident that the problem was with the power supply. (ie. Using the other power supply, the 'not working" unit would work and, conversely, my second unit would cease to work when plugged in to the questionable power supply). Long story short, I replaced a blown capacitor in the power supply and it is now working! That is to say, both of my power supplies will power one of my units and that unit works just fine no matter which supply I use. I celebrated the repair!..... until

However I seem to have a new problem which confuses me greatly. Remember that the Converter box itself HAD been working (when I powered it using the other unit's power supply) but now it is not working.

Initially (after my capacitor change), using either power supply, the unit flicked on and off and never got to showing a station. I doubted my repair of the power supply but it worked completely fine on the other unit. When I opened this box (feeling brave having replaced a popped cap in the power supply), I saw two bulging capacitors so I replaced them. (I will note, in case it is important, that the originals were 470uf/10v but the store only had 470uf/16v ones - which I was told would be fine. They told me I can go "higher" in the V but not lower.)

After replacing the two capacitors, the unit powers on but it does not work. Specifically, it will power up and display the onscreen information (like which channel, volume etc.) but all channels (with THIS UNIT ONLY) give the error "No signal. Please check antenna and connections..." and I get no image or sound. Obviously, I have quadruple checked the connections and I know they are fine since I can watch all the channels I want using my other unit. I re-soldered my connections just in case but I still get the "no signal" error (despite my antenna etc. being confirmed as fine. Trust me on this.)

Do you have any suggestions as to what could be the problem? Any other ideas regarding the troubleshooting? I do not see any obvious other bulgy things on the board (and that was all I knew to look for!). I'd really love to not give up on it just yet. I've come so close!

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my HD Access box is stuck it won't change channel's it say's to auto tune but I don't have a remote. It also say's call a number I did but the dose not work it say that the box is out of program is no longer available or some other nonsense like that. I don't understand it was working 10min before Cazy

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