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Is my battery the only problem, or is it worse than that?

*EDIT* Fortunately I was able to discover a solution on my own...had to be a bit creative but it worked. Take care all.


I spilled a small amount of pure water (20-40mL) by accident on my 15" early 2011 Unibody Macbook pro two days ago. Some went on the left speaker and a few droplets over the left hand letter keys on the keyboard. I got rid of it and my computer was still working A-ok except for the charger light which was no longer had no light and my macbook wasn't charging. I shut it off and then tried the rice trick which did nothing. I took it out yesterday and the charger is still not working but everything else was working.

The left speaker was fine and still producing equal sound to the right and the few keys splotched with water are fine. All the plug-ins on the left side of the macbook are fine (DVI, USBs, etc. all fine). Only the charger refuses to work.

Since I had to work today I had to use my battery from 86 and it went down to 0. I decided to go and by a new charger/adapter since the old one was frayed anyway (same one that came with the mac in 2011). The new charger didn't help: still no green light and therefore no charge.

Basically I had a brickbook since it was no longer turning on so I read online here and I have already tried the following:

  • Reset SMC
  • Reset PRAM/NVRAM
  • Boot to safe mode
  • Ran Coconut battery thing

I don't know if resetting SMC worked since I didn't see the flashing green light on the charger as I read I should see, but the macbook did come back on and stayed put at 1% battery. The charger still has no green or orange light and is still reading as "Not charging" in regular mode and safe mode. I attached the coconut thing that says my Mac does have a higher charge limit yet confirms it is stuck at 1% and not moving.

I don't know what the problem is since as I said everything else is working perfectly (leading me to believe it can't be the logicboard). Backlights, keyboard lights, other ports on the macbook, cd player, even the small button on the side that shows your battery in dot form is still flashing green dots (although now it is just blinking if I push it).

I think it is a battery problem but I am not sure and I would like to be sure before going to Microage and asking them to fix it (no Apple store nearby and my warranty is way beyond over). Since it is Unibody I know I can't fix it myself.

Please let me know what I can do. Coconut's battery assessment is attached below.

Block Image

Point form summary of issue:

  • Spilled small amount of water on macbook pro
  • Everything works perfectly EXCEPT charger which no longer charges nor has green/orange light
  • Have bought a new charger, reset SMC, PRAM/NVRAM, booted to safe mode, and ran coconut yet problem still persists
  • All ports on the same side as the charger are still working like nothing happened
  • Battery is permanently stuck at 1% and I refuse to unplug it for fear of the unknown of what will happen.
  • Need help figuring out what kind of fix I need to ask Microage for to be able to charge my Macbook again.



For some reason now I notice the charger has the really dim green light I've read about elsewhere before and is charging at a normal speed (charging is normally orange and bright) and I haven't touched the computer since this message was posted. I'm really confused as to what is going on so I checked the system information and looked at the battery info and apparently it is healthy (see below). Seriously? Can someone please put me out of my misery here and let me know what could be going on here. It didn't seem healthy before and I'm worried that this might just be the calm before a storm I'm not expecting. I've never seen a macbook charging with a dim green light, let alone after being stuck with no light at 1% for over 6 hours...Thanks to anyone who eventually helps. My computer is still in safe mode by the way.

Block Image

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What's going on is you spilled liquid into your machine. That it's "working" now does not mean it will continue to do so. Corrosion will build up and worsen over time.

The best thing you could do would be to partially disassemble and properly clean and dry the logic board. That may halt, remove and/or reduce the chance of more corrosion continuing to build up over time.

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