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Fifth generation of iPhone. Repair of this device is straightforward, and requires screwdrivers, prying tools, and patience. GSM/CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Black or White.

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trying to restore but itunes says enter passcode

Hi, my iPhone was disabled from too many password attempts, now as I try to restore it, iTunes says to enter passcode but on my phone it will only go to emergency call screen and won't allow me to enter my passcode. I'm not sure how to get this to work.

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Did you ever get a fix to the problem with recovery telling you that a password was needed?

by RLG

This happened to me with an iPhone 6 iOS 8.1

I have no idea what to do. I'm pretty sure I have tried everything also I have only had the phone a little over a week :(

by Kaitlyn Rea

um we need help not uh i have it i dont know what to do im stupid if your going to help help but if your not then shutup

by Maddog023

HI it should work , press hold the home button and power button same time when it shows connect to ITUNES then connect restore to your backup(if you have backup) mean while you authorize the phone when it is restoring then it will go to your restore point. if you do not have restore go to factory settings. Try and update recently I have done successfully

by Harikiran Mitnala

i need my iphone 4s on lockrightnow

by reggie

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I was having this same problem listen to these instructions step by step.

Have your phone plugged in with iTunes.

Turn your phone off.

When it is off, hold the lockscreen, while holding that wait til the logo shows up, then continue holding that and hold the home button. When the apple logo dissapears, let go of the lock screen, and wait 10 seconds while still holding the home screen, then follow the prompt on iTunes. And boom, factory settings. Took me a while to figure out, I had to pull some old knowledge about jailbreaking to figure it out. Don't worry it is completely safe, I was having the same problems as you guys. This will work :)

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That actually worked!

by Jamika Robertson

But my lock button doesn't work

by me

Hey ugh this happens after doing what you said any pointers?

by Aidan Farrell

It worked you're awesome

by Naadirah

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To avoid the passcode lock, you must hard reset your iPhone by holding down the lock button and the home button down simultaneously until the iPhone turns off.

Press and hold the home button while the iPhone is off and plug it into your Mac while still holding the home button down. The iPhone will turn on by itself when it is plugged it, but because you are holding the home button down, it will boot up in Recovery Mode.

iTunes will say "iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode. You must restore it." It is now okay to release the home button.

Procede to restore your iPhone to factory settings, and then you may select a backup to restore it to after it has been erased.

Hope this helps! It's been a while since I've done it. Let me know if you need clarification on the steps. :)

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it didnt help it just said iphone is disabled connect to itunes but when i try it does it every time

by bethanyelliott55

Doesn't work when iPhone is disabled and says connect to iTunes

by me

What do I do it's not working my parents will kill me if they found out

by kylewilliamson2004

it at first now my phone won't shut totally off or on it has iTunes and cord emblems

by Lisa Burton

My lock button doesn't work please help?!

by Ria

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If it is not the lock code, maybe it is the iPhone backup password. Have you set such an encryption on your backup while you sync your iPhone to iTunes? If so, try the backup password.

However, if it won't let you enter passcode, you can use a toll called Tenorshare ReiBootto put your iPhone into then out of recovery mode. This may fix the stuck screen.

Note: Don't hard reset your iPhone because it will erase all iPhone data and settings.

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The "Hard Reset" on the iPhone will not erase anything. I have done it many times. Please view this page about restarting your iPhone.

by TommyJames337

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When on recovery mode already connected to iTunes, if it turns on and says need passcode but your iPhone is disable, try home button hold down connect to one computer with iTunes open already, once on recovery mode, disconnect and connect to another computer with iTunes open already, usually works the first time, but keep switching until it goes thru the whole restore process.

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My phone is 6splus and i did follow the steps at least 5 times as mentioned you. but it doesnt work and still showing ur itune is not successfully restored because ur iphone is locked with passcode. Please help me!!

by sulattphyu

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I've forgotten my Apple ID what do I do now to try get into my locked iPhone ?

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my friend gave me an iphone and it was already disabled, it says it needs to be connected through itunes and when i try to do that where the dfu screen is there my itunes says i need a passcode to continue....i have no clue what i could do so i can actually use this phone. no i did not steal it

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this GUY IS THE MAN!!!! IPHONE 6S was unlocked..THANKS HOMIE!

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