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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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No sim card message on iTunes

My iPhone has not been working correctly recently so i restored it when my computer froze. I was displayed with the connect to iTunes logo on my phone. I connected it to iTunes and it said There is no sim card in the iPhone you are attempting to activate. Please disconnect and insert a sim card into the phone.

I have taken out my sim card and put it in again and still no luck, tried restoring it by pressing menu and off button and holding home menu button for 10 seconds and still no luck?

Any help?


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Try to clean the contacts of the Sim card, and if you can, the sim card reader.

The Sim Card it self can be cleaned with a clean pencil eraser, using a light rubbing action. This would get off any dirt or oxidation.

You can also use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or q-tip to clean the contacts.

The sin card port/ reader it self, is a slightly different matter, if you can clearly see the contacts and reach them just fine, the process above would work. You can also try some compress air to blow out any dirt or foreign objects.

If none above works (last resort measure since this will void your warranty), you might have to disassemble your iPhone.

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The phone had a water damage, so warranty is not an issue anymore

by markus weiher

If it had water damage, that's probably why it won't recognize the card. It could be that your comm board is shot.

by Josh Calvetti

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Is it a proper AT&T SIM? iTunes sometimes will say there is no SIM installed if it's a Tmobile or an old, dead AT&T card.

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hello i try mine too and i spoke to my 02 company and there said you have to get new sim card and then you have to activate and that is very strange .

hope will work


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maybe you should open it again and look at the sim card slot, maybe there is still something not right like one of the contacts does not fit.

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No sim most likely is the sim detect switch at the back of the sim card slot. Open and see if inserting the sim breakers the circuit.

If it doesn't break the connection you can bend the pin out a Little so the back if the sim tray pushes it further. Very very carefully!!!!

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I had this same problem today. ATT and Apple recently unlocked my old original iPhone, as well as my iphone3gs after having them for over 2 years.

The 3GS was jailbroken a year ago and worked fine but now that ATT was offering the unlock I wanted to upgrade the OS.

I went thru the iPhone erase and restore with a third party sim chip, non ATT, and the process worked well with the original iphone just fine.

But last night I erased and restored my " 3GS" with the same non ATT sim chip, ( apples unlock/ restore guide says you can use any working sim chip, so I should not need a working ATT chip right?

( http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5014 ). With the iPhone 3gs, i get the message on the iPhone screen of activation server down. But in itunes i get the message " no sim chip installed" when there is a sim chip.

I am stuck. any help?


NOTE.. the sim chip is clean and the slot looks ok...Prior to unlocking the #GS I had taken the sim in and out, and it was recognized... it was only after restoring with apples new OS for the 3gs that it does not see the sim chip.


I just got it working... heres what you need to do. The problem is that previously jailbroken iphones have lower versions of the Baseband. Apples firmware is now 6.15, and with out that version it won't see the sim card after you unlock and upgrade to iOS 6.x for the iPhone3GS

Follow this tutorial, upgrade to baseband 6.15


Now you will have an iPhone, jailbroken with cydia and 6.15 firmware and the sim will be recognized. Now backup and sync your aps as normal.

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