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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Charging / micro-usb port replacement

Hello, my tablet model is GTP5210ZWAXEF and uses a micro-USB on the tablet side. One of the 5 pins was bent and I bent it back in place to wait for a better repair. I have bought a replacement USB port with its ribbon cable, but can't remove the old port. Ribbon end comes out OK but this port seems to be factory-glued on a metal part on the USB port side. Removing the 2 little port screws is not enough, too bad for me.

Any way to take it apart without breaking anything is welcome.


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So no need to soldering?


I have the same issue with my tablet. Could you please share the part number of the micr-usb cable you purchased and where you purchased it?




Thank you for the information. I will buy it a repair it myselft too.




to Rafael :

Ordered on eBay, seller is commercial-trading (from China, but with low price & shipment fee) . You just have to wait a bit ...

This is the eBay description page with pictures. You may seach Google including the words galaxy tab 3 10 p5200. This seller still has remaining items today (june 17 2014)

Always better to state the p5200 series and the 10 inches width.

I did not need any part number but on my cable something is written.

It reads in bold typeface : GT-P5200 REV 1.0

Plus a second line in smaller chars : FC1321 1-02 (not sure if this one is meaningful)

Hope this helps.


Alex, Thank you for the information. I will buy it a repair it myselft too. Regards, Rafael


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Bonjour à tous / Hello everyone,

Français :

On ne peut pas passer par un autre port, il faut réparer (embout seul) ou échanger le module (port avec ruban et micro). Perso, je ne vois aucune autre méthode.

Du nouveau : la video (muette pendant 6 min) du remplacement du port seul en gardant donc la nappe et le micro d'origine :

Mais il vous faut la ref du seul connecteur terminal :

600300 GH59-13223A by Samsung

et de quoi chauffer localement pour souder. Perso, je ne suis pas qualifié pour le faire.

Ref du port avec nappe et micro : GT-P5200 REV 1.0

Par exemple ici, mais bien vérifier que c'est pour le GT P5200

Sinon google avec : galaxy tab 3 10 p5200 usb port

Et regardez les quelques images que ça retourne, toujours vérifier que c'est compatible P5200.


English users :

No way to get rid of this particular port. You have to change either the port alone (heat needed to solder) or replace the entire spare part (port+ribon+mike).

Google keywords : galaxy tab 3 10 p5200 usb port

Check returned pictures with a long ribbon, and P5200 compatibility. This gets the complete port with ribbon and mike.

As of today, Oct-19-2014, here is an eBay link with reasonable price, I think :

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Without looking at this specific model, it sounds like the port is soldered to the board. I would take it to a local electronics repair shop and ask if they have experience desoldering/soldering small ports.

Other than that, no, trying anything else may just break the circuit board.

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I see your point and will double check the spare part that I have ordered for my gt-P5210 : charging port including a ribbon cable to motherboard and mic suitable for Samsung GT-P52xx.

And I will come back to share if I find a way.


I finally received my spare part (USB port on small circuitboard with long large ribbon to motherboard, with tiny ribbon/mic/mic connector). The original USB port was stuck onto a metal piece , not soldered.

So it is easy to change if broken. The hardest part is to unclip the back cover from the front glass with a prying plastic tool or blade. The corners are a bit tricky to unclip safely. JOB DONE.


Awesome! Glad to hear the success.


I can confirm that the port is stuck to the board with an adhesive. Using a nylon prying tool I was able to remove it safely.


I am pretty sure that some progressive heat (say, with a hair dryer) might help to soften the glue and avoid breaking things. If you don't want to pry too much, time and heat will help you.

French users :

Si le port USB est trop bien collé, chauffez le port progressivement (sèche cheveux), ça aidera à ramollir la colle et éviter la casse.


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Actually not as hard as people say it is. I purchased the replacement part on eBay (US Seller) then I found a really good video on youtube. Took about ten minutes and it was fixed.


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Mike-Post the link for the "really good video" on YouTube. I have seen a few but the none of them show how to un-attach and re-attach the small micro card that sticks out 90 degrees from the charging port. It goes under the frame but I am not sure how.


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If yu are having trouble removing the old flex and USB port it is probably because you not taken the grey palstic frame and beel off with the back cover. I expect you just took the back cover off instead of removing it all together by placing your pry tool between the glass screen and the silver frame, start in the middle of a side or top or bottom and work your way round. You wll find the corners a little more difficult but it will come off without breaking.

Once you have all that removed you will see the USB port and the mic strip that goes along at 90 degrees to the main flex. Gently lift the snap connector off (it just pops off) it s at the end of the short/small part of the flex, now lift out the mic form the little rubber socket and pry the USB port out of the frame. Go to the other end of the flex and lift the tape and release the brown plastic bar that clips the flex in to the connector and remove te flex.

Refit the the USB end with the 2 screws and replace the mic and end connector and press it into place in the frame.

Reconnect the other end of the flex into the connector and press down the brown plastic bar, refcover the joint with the (normally green) tape and test. Once you are sure that everything works just snap the back cover and frame on all the way round and you are done. The whole process is about 15 mins work. Good luck

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