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  • Answer to: Loca or oca for replacing glass?

    As cheap as the complete glass/LCD assembly costs, don't waste your time trying to replace just the glass. You'll put more into all the extra glue and machines than it is worth
  • Answer to: Which parts to replace for disc read error?

    Yes, the laser is the only thing that needs to be replaced the majority of the time. Follow the directions on this site. The lasers run $12-$13
  • Answer to: My Optical Drive is Failing, Do I Replace It or My Xbox?

    Please try just replacing the laser, not the entire optical drive. You can t just swap drives. The drive is locked to the motherboard. You would have to strip the drive key off the drive circuit board and install it on the new one. A lot of hassle and knowledge to do that. Anybody can replace the laser.
  • Answer to: open tray error plz help

    You can't just replace the optical drive. The drive is keyed (locked) to the motherboard. First start with replacing the laser. This is the easiest and cheapest step. Anyone can follow the guide on here to swap the laser. If that doesn't work, there may be an issue on the drive circuit board and that is harder to diagnose. To put a totally new drive in the console requires you stripping the key off the drive circuit board. This involves software, compatible computer and cords. Not something you should attempt if you're not computer savvy.
  • Answer to: Need help finding where an aluminum part goes on PS3 Slim

    It would be helpful if you posted picks of the parts
  • Answer to: Where is this part located?

    These are two separate pieces. The smaller one goes along the front edge of the console on the bottom casing, under the disc drive, under the motherboard. Flip it around until you see how it aligns on the casing. The larger piece goes along the right edge, on the bottom casing under the motherboard. It attaches on the right side about 2 inches from the front leading edge and rests on the bottom of the casing.
  • Answer to: Why my ps3 super slim wont turn on?

    Try this. Turn off the system. Unplug it. Plug it back in. Attempt to turn on and watch the lights closely. If the red light turns green for a split second and then flashes a yellow light for a split second, and then blinks red, you have the Yellow Light of Death (YLOD). Just follow the instructions found on here for the YLOD repair.
  • Answer to: help on repairing/rebuilding my iPhone 4.

    Looks like a frame does when you do a screen replacement. Should work.
  • Answer to: The piece I plug into to charge has come loose inside.Fix?

    I would guess it is soldered to the circuit board. If you don't have experience soldering, the repair may cost more than a new tablet.
  • Answer to: YLOD Light Sequence Really Persistent

    It is possible the processors need reflowed with a reflow station. I warn all my customers that there will come a point in the life of the console that it is not repairable at my level (don't own a reflow station). Sometimes the board is too bad that a heat gun will not solve the ylod. Additionally, if the ylod repair doesn't work the first time, I attempt it a second time. Give it a go again. Make sure you set your heat gun on high and get the target area good.