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Digitizer/Screen not working after replacement

My 4s had stopped working for phone calls and had a non-working power button and a broken screen. I purchased a power button mic assembly, dock connector and digitiser and set about replacing them all in one go, all seems to be good except for the digitiser. Here's how it went:

I got as far as putting the logic board back in and noticed that one of the ribbons from the display was not sticking out far enough and so had to take it all to bits again to see what the problem was. When I had re-stripped out the logic board, speaker assembly, vibrator etc. I could see that the digitizer cable from the new screen was slightly folded, which accounted for it's shortness. I unfolded it and put the whole thing back together, , however when I finally got the case back on and powered up I found that the screen didn't work at all. I had sucessfully fixed the power button and dock connector, as both of those work just fine, but not response from from the touch-screen at all. So I re-openen the case and re-seated the two ribbons for the digitiser and screen data, which went on satisfactorily enough I thought, but having put it all back together again still nothing from the touch screen.

If anybody has any suggestions for something else I could check I'd be very appreciative.


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Hi there am afraid to say when you folded the cable it damaged it same thing happene to me on my first ever screen replacement .im afraid you will need another screen

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Yes I thought as much. The thing is it was already folder, I had to unfold it. I've had it for a couple of months while I put off the repairs, so I can't really send it back. If there's definitely nothing else that can be causing the problem I'll have to buy another new screen I suppose. It's strange that it doesn't work at all though, as in, there isn't even a slight flicker of a response from the screen, you'd think if it was slightly damaged there'd be a bit of a response.


It's one of 2 things either the screen or motherboard problems which is very rare.

Can you test the old screen if it was still working?


I got a chap in a shop to do it for me - cost £35 but it's all done now and works fine, in fact, when he showed me the old one I could see where it had been badly folded and damaged.

However this isn't the end of the story - My calls are still silent, even though I replaced the doc (which works for charging) and the power button/mic assemble - which works fine as far as the power button goes. Face Time audio still works.

What a nightmare, I haven't had a working/undamaged phone for a long time now !


Is the sound silent? Like music..

Has the volume not show going up or down when you press it?


nope sound is fine and goes up and down with the volume buttons as usual.


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